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Monday, March 17, 2008

Something to Hold & to Pamper

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A girl always has a list of shops she returns to frequently and Mints is definitely up on the top of my list! It nestles at the heart of Alameda’s busiest street, right next to the popular Tomatina restaurant. The entrance; painted of the color green & white, already is a sneak preview to what lays inside; refreshing and charming! Greeted by pots of foliage as you make your way into the shop, follow by the sights of sophisticated displays of orchids in pot, freshly-cut; sustainably -grown bouquets in glass jars, an array of handmade wreaths and decorations, ceramics and other accessories for the home. One must agree that it is a lovely little flower shop!

This shop is owned by 3 sisters and one of them, Mei, happens to be a good friend of mine. I was there from the day Mints opens its door and the success of Mints has given me inspirations and an itch to open a shop of my own. No doubts that they have won over many hearts for that their works are exquisite and often with a Euro-Asian flare to them. Mints do more than selling living plants and bouquets; their expertise in wedding floral arrangement/planning is exceptional, if not the best that I have seen. So many are swayed including me^^ Drop in when you are in the area or go see more of their work here.

Oh, I have found myself a gem during my latest visit; apparently Mints has added more selections to their tastefully edited product/gift collections. Mi-Spa or mi™, which is “rice” in Chinese, is a line of pure hand-crafted, rice-based skincare made by a local Artisan based out from Alameda. Talk about things girl can cook up in their kitchen (or maybe it was other part of the house)! The attraction was instant with its simple, organic packaging that evokes a zen-like quality. Mei raved about it and gave me samples of the product line in a cute see-thru take out box. After much sampling, I adore and highly recommend the soaps for their heavenly scents; the Sugar Mochi body polish (ohmigosh~) that made my skin glow and appeared well rested; and the dry perfume roll-on in Green Tea. Treat yourself to something mi™-licious today!

To see their full line of products, click here or buy it at Mints.


  1. Dear Vi,

    The pictures are stunning, ferminate and artistic. Gee... I wouldn't say I want another wedding but looking at their presentation I am so impressed.

    Do you know that I had a all white wedding myself? All the flora, dresses, environment, moon...etc. Seems like yesterday but also like forever.

  2. Dear Blue~

    I guess I'm not the only one who has a blancophiliac tendency^^


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