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Monday, March 10, 2008

March Birthday: Trois Mousses au Chocolat ~ 最美的協奏曲: 巧克力三重奏

triple mousse_c

triple mousse_2

Happy birthday to you, my fellow March superstars^^ Here to Pisces ~ Aries Power! I apologize for my belated March Birthday sweets post. Life has been a little mad lately with wedding planning (sadly, not my own) and birthdays!

Not long ago, I revealed to all of you that I am a chocoholic. Was it a surprise to you that I picked something chocolaty as March’s birthday sweet?! Probably not^^ However, I had a difficult time choosing what I should make because the list is endless! Finally, it came down to this!

The recipes are from the award winning book Bittersweet by Alice Medrich – a must-have if you are a chocoholic like me! Like the name of the book gives out, this whole book is dedicated to chocolate desserts (and more)! It is filled with Chocolates 101 and hundred of recipes; however, it is a pity that it hasn’t gotten more pictures (I’m very visual). This impressive little cake that you see here, it is made using a combination of 3 different recipes, Milk & White Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Marquise. This is the richest and most beautiful dessert I have made so far; a dessert that showcases chocolate in all its decadent glory. Consists of three layers of luscious, creamy chocolate mousse; decadent dark, milk and white chocolate, and topped with white chocolate curl. As Medrich pointed out they are great by themselves but extraordinary when teamed together. You want to maximize the flavors by employing more of the rich & dark chocolate marquise and add lesser of the sweeter mousses.

I made this once for my bgf’s (best girl friend) birthday. It was last year around this time but in a much larger version, an 8-inch cake. When it was served, it was gone before I finished telling people what it was made of. Yeah, it was that good =) I have topped the cake with chocolate curl to gives it a luxurious, light, and airy appeal, exactly how it tastes like. You can opt for a more artsy presentation by serving it with raspberry coulis (perfect marriage to chocolate) or top it with stunning caramelized hazelnuts shaped like tear drop as Medrich did. Oh, for those caffeine fans, it also goes well with espresso ^^

- If using mousse rings, cut squares of 3x3 foils and draw a 2 inch circle on each.
- If using serving glasses, wash and dry.

I thought you should know:
- Only prepare each mousse before using, as they get set fast.
- You can infuse the cream for the milk and/or white chocolate mousse to have different flavors.
- It is critical not to over whip the cream. It should only barely beginning to hold a shape.

Trois Mousse au Chocolat
Makes 6 2X3 mousse rings or 6 5oz glasses

Harden Chocolate Circle (omit this step if not using mousse rings)

1oz semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped

Draw a 2 inch circle on a 3x3 square foil; repeat that 6 times. Align the foils on a jelly roll pan. Place the chopped chocolate in a heatproof bowl in a pot of barely simmering water, stir until chocolate fully melted then remove from heat. Divide the melted chocolate among the foils, spread it to fully cover the circles then set a mousse ring over each circle. Place in fridge to harden the chocolate.

Chocolate Marquise
Makes 2 ¼ cups

4oz semisweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
4tbs unsalted butter, diced
2 eggs (L size)
2tbs granulated sugar
2tbs water

Place the chocolate plus the butter in a stainless bowl (or any heatproof bowls); place it over a pot of barely simmering water. Stir with a rubber spatula frequently until the chocolates is nearly melted then remove it and continue to stir until completely melted and smooth (no lumps); set aside.

In a mixing bowl, whisk the egg and sugar until well blended then whisk in the water. Place the egg mixture over a pot of barely simmering water, stirring constantly until it reads 160F/80C on the candy thermometer; remove from pot.

Using an electric mixer; beat the warm egg mixture at high speed for 3-4 minutes or when it forms soft peak. Now fold 1/3 of it into the chocolate, fold till nearly blended. Then fold in ½ of the remaining egg mixture until blended then add in the remaining and fold until fully incorporated.

Immediately pour or pipe the mixture into the moulds until half full. Smooth out with the back of the spoon. Place in the fridge and chill until set; about 1 hour.

Milk Chocolate Mousse
Makes 2 cups

3oz milk chocolate, finely chopped
2tbs water
½ cup heavy cream

Bring 1 inch of water to a shimmer in a wide skillet (frying pan will do too); remove from heat. Place the chopped chocolate and the water in a heat proof bowl then place the bowl into the simmer water. Stir constantly until chocolate is melted and smooth then remove it. Set aside to cool. Once it registered 85F on candy thermometer, prepare the cream.

Place the cream in a bowl then whip with a hand mixer until it gets thickened; it should be pourable and fluffy. Fold the cream into the chocolate; fold till incorporated. Pour it into the moulds on top of the chocolate marquise layer leaving 1/3 space for the white chocolate mousse. Chill to set, about 1 hour.

White Chocolate Mousse
Makes 2 cups

3oz white chocolate, finely chopped
2tbs water
½ cup heavy cream

Prepare it the same way as the Milk Chocolate Mousse. Fill the moulds completely then use an icing spatula to spread and level the mousse. Place in fridge and chill until set.

Unmold the cakes only before serving. To unmold, peel off the foil, place it on plate then wrap a hot towel around the mould then pull upward. Decorate the cake then serve.

triple mousse_airy

抱歉nee, 請接受我遲來了的祝賀﹐ (灑花&尖叫)生日快樂~~~~~
無它﹐最近忙著plan婚禮的細節。嘿…不是我啦﹗是幫朋友的忙。誰叫我的另類嗜好是wedding planning﹐ 而且還是免費勞工﹗搶手的很~

在看到這個甜點之前﹐ 你應該早就意料到三月的生日獻禮會是和巧克力有關的吧﹗因為不久前我才披露我是一名Chocoholic。我的生日月份當然是做我愛吃的囉。其實在無數的巧克力食譜裡選一個也不是容易的事。我可是反復想了很久才決定做這個巧克力三重奏的﹐ 就是不能馬虎嘛=)

食譜來自巧克力達人Alice Medrich的得獎的Bittersweet一書﹔這是一本不容錯過的好書﹐特別是我們這些Chocoholic﹐ 更是要將其收藏。除了有上百個巧克力食譜﹐ 還收錄了很多挑選巧克力的心得跟資訊。唯一的遺憾是相片不夠多﹐ 要不然就完美了。

說到這個巧克力三重奏是起用三種口味的慕斯食譜組合的。是我目前做過最讓我傾心﹐ 讓人目眩的甜點。薄薄的黑巧克力圓片為底﹐ 從下而上分別是黑巧克力﹐ 牛奶巧克力及白巧克力三種不同口味的慕斯﹐ 鋪陳出三種不同層次讓味蕾為之一亮的鮮明口感。美味的要訣在於巧克力慕斯的比例。黑巧克力的量是牛奶巧克力及白巧克力的總和﹐ 這樣才能取得絕妙的均衡與和諧滋味喔﹗

味道要怎樣形容好呢…去年做過一次送人﹐ 我還沒完整的說完它的製作過程﹐ 它已整個讓人解決掉了﹗看這麼多巧克力似乎很甜﹐其實不然。慕斯質地非常濃郁細緻軟滑﹐ 將慕斯一起融合在嘴巴裡,漸層的風味在舌尖上化開﹐ 讓整體的口感更為豐富﹐ 而且香醇久久不散卻不甜膩﹐ 入口即溶﹐ 享用過程中充滿驚喜﹐ 令人十分驚艷﹐ 一吃就傾心了﹗裝飾方面﹐ Medrich用焦化榛果針來做裝飾﹐ 美極了。我只在慕斯上灑了些白巧克力卷﹐ 然而它就流露著華麗飄逸﹑雍容優雅的氣質。配蔓越莓漿又是另一種美感。還有﹐ 它和咖啡類飲料也是絕配喲~


直徑2吋X高3吋的圓模框6個 或 5oz的杯子6個

- 如果起用圓模框﹔剪6塊3吋X3吋的鋁箔纸﹐然後在每一張上畫一個直徑2吋的圓圈。
- 如果起用杯子﹔洗乾淨﹐抹乾﹐備用。

- 只可一次製作一個慕斯﹐因為很難在慕斯定型前做出層次。
- 千萬不要過度打發鮮奶油﹗
- 在混合巧克力和鮮奶油時﹐先加入1/3份量的鮮奶油都是為了在最初的時點確實攪拌乳化。沒有完全乳化的話﹐慕斯會是乾乾的。

黑巧克力圓片 - 慕斯底 (不起用圓模框可省略這步驟)

1oz 苦甜巧克力﹐切碎


2 ¼ 杯份量

4oz 苦甜巧克力﹐切碎
4湯匙 無鹽奶油﹐切丁
2個 全蛋(L尺寸)
2湯匙 砂糖
2湯匙 水



triple mousse on plate

3oz 牛奶巧克力﹐切碎
2湯匙 水
½杯 40%鮮奶油/ 忌廉



3oz 白巧克力﹐切碎
2湯匙 水
½杯 40%鮮奶油/ 忌廉



  1. um, you better make me some, even though it's not my birthday. and schedule me when you work... !!!!

  2. wow!!!~~~so beautiful~~~
    I want to make one for my husband too~ but can you give me the chinese recipe?? heehee~
    if you have time, come to visit my blog too...

  3. Chocolate... my favoriate. It's so beautiful.

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  5. this is absolutely beautiful! I can almost taste the airy and delicious mousse..oh, I want to live next to you!

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    PS 妳忘了加枝生日蠟燭呢!

  7. mouth watering dessert as usual!

    oh? ur bday is coming up? u should make a cake for urself then! ^^

    ps. where's Yumi? I'd like to meet her.

  8. 我就知道這麼美麗而美味的三重奏是有玄機的啦.

  9. Venus 妹妹,
    生日快樂喔 !! ^^

  10. oh yeah, i forgot to say
    Happy Birthday~~~!!! ^^

  11. You're so amazing~ I luv to read your blog. Btw, happy birthday to you.

  12. Hi dd ~
    Welcome^^ so nice of you to drop by and such kind notes that you left me =) Come often now.

    Don’t I always share with you?! Thanks for playing guinea pig^^

    Hi Miss Jubie~
    I have posted the Chinese recipe and I’m looking to hear from you on how it turns out^^ Your husband is one lucky guy! All the stuff you whipped up looked so good*Q* You must be a really good cook! It is my pleasure to meet you♥

  13. Dear Blue~
    I think we should seriously think about starting a Chocolate club^^
    I read it somewhere that Chocolate is food of God; divinely delicious

    Hi Butterfly~
    Hohoho…help yourself^^
    Someday, when I open the door to my shop, this will be on da house =)

    Mandy ~
    The feeling is mutual^^
    It would be so nice to be your neighbor and I would forever be table hopping and gabble up all your delicious creations!

  14. i want to make this cake for over years but still not action... hehe... yours' wonderful!

  15. Siukwan
    Dear, I wish you a Happy Birthday too =)O念住同你的honey bunny點慶祝生日呀?!

    生日嘛<33是大事, 要慶祝啦=)

    嘿嘿嘿…多謝♥多謝♥ ^^

  16. Verano~
    Though I have been in denial but can’t erase the fact that I’m a year older at the end of depressing :'(

    呵呵呵...I thought of making myself a cake but I rather be spoil by others and have them bring me cake(s) ^____^ 嘿嘿嘿…Yumi’s debut is coming but first she needs to have her fur trim and get a mani-pedi first^^

    Anonymous ~
    Oh, thank you for your kind note. I am very flatter u///u

    lioil ~
    I was hesitant when I first see the recipe but it wasn’t that difficult or time consuming as it appears to be^^

    Give it a try and with your expertise, this will be a piece of cake!

  17. 终于可以看到你的blog,异常兴奋ing,这个慕斯好漂亮,做法收藏了,下次自己做做看,呵呵!

  18. 做餅乾的小毛孩 - Jevi^^


  19. hi, i just dropped by your blog and was deeply attracted by it, the desserts you made are so stunning... i wanna know if i am going to make a big cake instead of small cups, how should i adjust the ingredient? thx so much

  20. Hello Rosita~

    Thank you very much for your lovely note!

    If you want to make a cake, this would convert to a 6~7 inch cake. If you're looking to make something bigger then you'll need to times the ingredient for each component by 2 and also need to bake a cake base to support it.

  21. Hiya, nice to meet you^^
    Just found this winderful wedsite few days ago, really attracted by the outlook of the dessert and mainly your heart on making those dessert^^
    Can I please ask you a question? How did you make the white choc flake on the top of the dessert? What tool did you use? It just looks so flurry and pretty!!!
    Thank you so much for answering my question^^

  22. Hi Aki!

    Thank you for your comment!

    I used a cookie cutter to make loose chocolate curls - using the cookie cutter, scrape against a block of chocolate and voilà! You can also use a vegetable peeler on room temperature chocolate block (peel on the side); however, it yields curls instead of flaky petal curls.


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