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Monday, October 22, 2007

Love Actually

I recently have the honor to help 2 friends do the flower for their wedding and made one of the brides' wedding dress. What a relief now that everything is done and over with! Although I think I work well under pressure, I tend to have panicked attack easily. Therefore, I am taking a rest until I get some cash out of this ^0^ I don’t remember when I started to take an interest in bouquet making but I have always loved to play with flowers. It only takes creativeness, an eye for beauty, appreciation for details to get the job done. It is simultaneously same as fashion design so it came as natural to me lol

Betty's Wedding (photos by Danny)

I was paralyzed after the wedding because I was on my knees for 8 hours+ making the flower (I will send you my medical bill, Betty Boop.)! Since causal dinner was being hosted by her family, all the tables were being utilized so we must sit on the floor. I have to create 8 different designs of boutonnière (160), 4 bouquets, groom and groom men boutonnières, and 3 corsages. I have helpers but only partial have experience doing this so I was pretty much on my own. Thanks to, not in particular order: Peggy, Ivy, Lily, Jen, Jeannie, Cora, Polly, Linda, Betty, Judy, the guys and others that helped. I know some of you got some muscles pulled but hey we did it!

Betty's bouquet was made up of velvet red roses, champagne color calla lilies (studded with crystals), and large tropical leaves (acting like ribbon because the ribbon I want was working against Betty’s budget). The bouquet was wrapped in red satin, then fastened with a gold ribbon and finished with a crystal brooch. Bridesmaids’ bouquets were made with 3 crystal studded large calla lilies and surrounded with 8 large red roses. I intend to leave the long stems so I trimmed them to be the equal length and tied together with a simple ribbon and top with a crystal brooch!

Bridesmaids’ bouquets were made with 3 crystal studded large calla lilies and surrounded with 6 large red roses. I intend to leave the long stems so I trimmed them to be the equal length and tied together with a simple ribbon and top with a crystal brooch! The toss was simple: solidaster and roses. For the couple’s siblings, a single red rose caged by straw grass foliage and a golden bowtie for guys; a corsage of mini cream calla lily with red spray roses for the ladies. Grand parents, parents, relatives were all different design combos of roses, solidaster with different types of foliages. The total for all this was about $225 (including ribbons etc) excluding the cost of brooches, which were my own. Jeannie and Cora did a beautiful job decorating the banquet. The centerpieces of lanterns hanging on branches evoked a traditional yet classy aurora. Girls, lets consider about that event planning business!

Bobbi Jo's Wedding (photos by Venus)

My friend BJ's wedding is very personalized because she made most of the stuff herself. The favors, the ring box, the program, the lavender envelope, guest best wish box and the cards and etc. I am in charged of the flower and the dress and Carolyn sang the wedding song! Can this get any better?! Since the wedding took place in the afternoon, it was pretty laid back! She is the most easy-going bride I have met so far because she kept her cool.

The 2 piece Wedding Dress (?!)

I was still altering the bodice the morning of the wedding! Talk about making deadline! Since it is custom-made, it took 4 fittings to get it right! I was pinning and drawing on her, which is a first for me! It is definitely a learning experience! It was a challenge because her top and bottom vary in sizes (3!). She was very blessed up there, you know what I mean?! We looked through magazines for design she likes then alter it to her taste. It is a very simple, modern yet sleek design and made up of a bodice and a long skirt. About the fabric, months before the date, I started my fabric sourcing. I employed cream satin as the main fabrication and I wanted to fashion it with vintage lace in an earthy, rustic color. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I cooked up in my kitchen (I made good use of the expired tea bags lol)! She didn’t want to wear a veil (too bad because I wanted to make one) so it was as simple as it can be! I mean as long as she is happy with it since it is her wedding!

Her bouquet was made up of blue hydrangea and cream roses; wrapped in cream satin ribbon and fastened with blue organza ribbon (hold in place by pearl head pins). The bridesmaids’ bouquets were of a single hydrangea wrapped in cream satin and tied with a brown satin ribbon. As for the flower girl, my original design was to make a flower ball with spray roses and she can wear it on her wrist. Isn’t that cute?! Unfortunately, I couldn't hold the roses in place because I forgot my glue! Then I came up with the wand design. It is like a mini version of the bride's bouquet but with ribbons dangling so it will dance in the wind when she walks. The toss bouquet was made up of cream roses with tropical leaves acting like ribbon. Unlike Chinese wedding, only the parents and grand parents wear boutonnières at this wedding. Between altering her dress and the bouquets, I must delegate and the bride volunteered herself (actually, she was the only one who knew how to do it although others offered their help). The bride executed my design flawlessly binding rose and hydrangea as main and tropical leave as support. Guess how much I spent on flower? Around $50 for everything! I am good huh ^0^ ?!

The ceremony was very sweet and touching. In fact, I was so touched that I didn’t realize I was crying until my face was wet (I never cry at wedding). Good thing was I am not the only one! My whole row was sobbing including the men! They painted a beautiful picture in my brain and maybe getting hitch is not such a bad idea ^0^


  1. Venus,
    Great pictures. I like the table settings for the chinese wedding. I've never seen it like that before.
    Also, it seems like Bobbi Jo's sister was caught off guard when taking pictures.
    Anyways, great job.

  2. hi venus,
    so beautiful!
    you are talented!

  3. Anonymous (why not leave a name)~

    A little different from the usual Chinese wedding right?! Thanks to Jeannie and Cora!

  4. まゆ(違いますか),

    どうもありがとう。いえ、 また下手です。Not at all talented. There are so much room for growth opportunity!


  5. Wow! You are very talented!

    I should ask you for advise on flowers for my wedding XD

  6. Hi Yujai ~~

    Flower design is fun stuff! At your service ^0^ I want to recommend "The Bride & Bloom" to you; I got tons of inspiration from this beautiful magazine. It is publish by season and available at Borders!


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