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Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Man In My Life ~ 生命裡多了一個重要的人

Meet Christopher Daniel Xiao, born September, 26 2007, 7 pounds 2 ounces. Today, we celebrated his 30 days mark on earth. It seem like it was just yesterday when we hosted the baby shower . I met him the second day he was born and I couldn’t help myself from falling for this cutest bundle of joy (must got the good genes from his proud parents). I can't wait to take him to the park, show him how to hold a paint brush, teach him how to bake cupcakes and have him model my baby clothes (Dan & Ran: I promise to be a good baby-sitter.). However, I think I might have to fend off others since he already got a fan club under construction ^0^.

一路走過童年至大學的好朋友都做媽咪了﹐驚覺時間真的不等人。這個可愛的小東西叫Christopher Daniel Xiao﹐在九月二十六來到我們的生命裡。 Baby shower 好像沒多久前才發生的。Time flies! 今天是他正識和大家見面打招呼的日子。他在出生的第二天就給我抱過親過了…呵呵… 我對帥哥沒招架能力…呵呵…



  1. love the page...nice seein you again!

  2. Hi Mike ~

    Thanks! I am constantly trying to make this blog looks good ;p

    It was nice seeing you too! I think we will bump into each other more that we are heading into the holiday, lots of parties coming up! yay!


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