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Friday, October 1, 2010

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Long time no see, my friends. Just want to share some good news with you. First up is that many months ago I received an invitation from an editor from the Slattery Media Group, an Australian publishing company, to be a part of a book project. I am so thrilled to say that it is officially released and went on sale on October 1st!

This book is a collection of profiles and recipes from the blogs around the world, which is why it is title Foodies of the World. The participating blogs were selected from all over the world (India, France, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Estonia and Turkey and etc), therefore; the recipes covered a variety of cuisines and courses. I am so excited and can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy!

To see what this book is all about and to get your own copy, check it out here~

親愛的﹐阿Vi有好消息要跟大家分享呢。多月前阿Vi收到一個澳州出版公司編輯的出書邀請。合約的關係出版前不能說太多﹐所以現在才跟大家分享因為今天書正式發行啦﹗這本書的概念是將互聯網上的有趣的food blogs及在那兒發佈的食譜整理成一本指南食譜書。參與的food blogs來自地球的每個角落﹐所以介紹的食物也是多元化的﹐也就是這樣書命名為Foodies of the World

因為還沒收到出版商寄來的書不能發照片給你們看﹐不過有sample pages可以分享。如果你想知道更多或是想購買請往這裡去。請大家多多支持﹐尤其是身在澳州的朋友。謝謝喔♥

LAtelier 01
LAtelier 02

Let the good news roll! Second up is that I will be offering baking classes at my home. If you are in the Bay Area and interested of learning to make your own cake, check out my business – La Vie Douce Design facebook page for more info. I can’t wait to bake with you!!

令外還想跟大家分享的是﹐阿Vi要開班授課了﹗如果你身在灣區又想學做蛋糕﹐來我的小店的facebook page看看吧﹗希望有機會跟你一起製作糕點喔~

From one of the classes - Strawberry Shortcake
學生的作品 - 草莓蛋糕



  1. I expect you book.

  2. i wish to learn bake from you!!!
    and i wish you live in CA so that i can learn baking from you :)

  3. 嗨VI,从爱好者到职业的开班授课,你好厉害,真为你骄傲!祝愿你的事业与生活都越来越丰富多彩哦^0^

  4. I can't help to comment (my first time!!) but congratulations !! It's such an exciting project! I'd love to take a look at it... but I don't know if it will be sold in Canada ??! Anyway : BRAVO !

  5. your pastries are so pretty, i wanna support you when i can.
    just a notice, i tried clicking on the photos and it blocked me because it was private? :(

  6. hi,阿VI真是太佩服你了,也很为你高兴,希望下次去湾区可以去拜访!

  7. Hi Vi,

    I've been following your site for a few months now and fell in love with it. I just noticed on your FB page that you also live in SL. I thought since we have the same hobby (baking) maybe we could be friends :) You can feel free to email me at

    Looking forward to hear from you!

  8. yy – I just received my copy but is only one copy or else I would of send you one!!

    @ Anonymous – I do live in CA – in the Bay Area. Many thought I live in Asia =)

    Katy – hi dear﹗﹗謝謝你呀﹗承你貴言~

    Christelle – thanks for your comment!! You’re right! I think it is available in Australia only though you can order online. That is okay. It is the thought that counts!

    @ Anonymous – Oh thank you! The photo won’t take you there, please click on the highlighted link below.

    cicipeng -好呀﹐等你喔~

    junejune269 – thanks for your comment. Yes, I live in SL. I just added your contact info - maybe a meet up in the future =)

  9. hey ...congratulations of the la vie mag featuring ..its always comfortable to drop by to see some of your creations ;-)

  10. Is this book "Foodies of the World" published? thanks

    Pastry Chef Job description

  11. WoW 恭喜您啊~ 真是好消息! 要繼續加油啊~ p(^o^)q
    我也很想上你的課呢~ 灣區的朋友令人羨慕啊~

  12. Vi, 你真的好棒喔!!永遠支持你....加油!!

  13. Vi, Congrats! 不好意思那麼遲送上祝福 ^^ 終於等到你的bb面世, 加油! 話說我也想跟你做甜品呢.

  14. Vi, Congrats! 不好意思那麼遲送上祝福 ^^ 終於等到你的bb面世, 加油! 話說我也想跟你做甜品呢.


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