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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crème Brûlée au Mascarpone ~ 馬斯卡朋乳酪烤布蕾


It is sometime the simplest things that are the most rewarding and crème brûlée is one of the few desserts that belong to this category. I have made crème brûlée numerous times from classic to espresso to chocolate flavor then one day I found this recipe that use mascarpone; a recipe of yet another Japanese patissier – chef Susumu Koyama of Patissier es koyama. I found this recipe to be more interesting than any of the crème brûlée recipes I tried because his used 2 types of soft cheese, mascarpone and cream cheese. I thought this is very original and I must try it myself. I had the perfect reason to make it over the weekend when I invited a friend over for brunch =)


This recipe was simple enough; it was prepared the same way we made classic crème brûlée. I do suggest that the cheese must be softened before being whisk together with the yolks so you won’t see lumps in your batter. Also, you must not skip the step where it tells you to sieve the batter before pouring into ramekins. This way it will sieve out any solids in the batter so the crème brûlée will have that velvety texture that we all love.

Oh boy, hats off to chef Koyama, it was so creamy but not heavy at all! Luscious, melt on the tip of your tongue but not overly sweetened. I love it so did my guest and I hope you’ll enjoy this simple but satisfying dessert as much as we did.


Crème Brûlée au Mascarpone
Serves 4 ~ 6

150g mascarpone cheese
25g cream cheese
175g heavy whipping cream
95g whole milk
¼ vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped
90g egg yolks
45g granulated sugar
6tsp caster sugar for the caramelized top

- Soften the cream cheese by wrapping it in plastic food wrap and place in microwave on low for 1 minute.
- Preheat oven to 275°F/140°C.

Bring cream, milk, vanilla pod and seeds just to the point of boiling in a saucepan over medium heat, set aside. In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together egg yolks and sugar until blended. Add the mascarpone cheese, whisk until blended; add the softened cream cheese to the yolk mixture, whisk until smooth and blended.

Add the hot cream little by little, whisking as you go until all is incorporated (never stop whisking or the eggs will scramble). Strain the mixture through a fine sieve into a big measuring cup with spout and skim away any foam on top. Put the ramekins in a roasting pan then pour boiling water into the pan to about halfway up the side of the ramekins. Fill the ramekins evenly with the cheese mixture. Bake for 35 - 40 minutes or until set but the center should still jiggle slightly. Remove ramekins from hot water bath and let cool. Cover with clear wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.

Just before serving, evenly sieve 1 to 2 teaspoons of caster sugar on the surface then using a blowtorch torch gradually in small, spiraling circles until caramelized. Use light brown sugar for the caramelized top if you like a stronger favor. Serve immediately.


有時候最令人回味的往往是用料及做法均簡單的甜點﹐而烤布蕾就是其中之一。一道我常製作的甜點﹐最常出現在我家的飯桌上的口味有經典的香草﹑濃郁的咖啡至微甘的巧克力﹐也都是家人朋友喜歡的口味。當然偶而會嘗試較特別的口味﹐不過其他的人評價是參差不齊但也不損我嘗試新方子的決心。有一天在翻書的時候居然給我看到一個添加了軟乳酪的方子﹐當下好不驚艷哦﹐是從未看到過的組合﹗你猜阿Vi是從那裡看到的方子的呢﹖ 沒錯﹐又是自一位日本的甜點師傅 - Patissier es Koyama的小山進師傅的食譜。吸引人的地方是他用上2種軟乳酪 - 馬斯卡朋乳酪及奶油乳酪。很獨特﹐光看文字就好像嚐到那濃厚的乳香。剛好有朋友來用餐﹐就決定做這個來招待她。




4 ~ 6人份

150g 馬斯卡朋乳酪
25g 奶油乳酪
175g 鮮奶油
95g 牛奶
¼ 香草豆﹐縱的開半﹐刮籽
90g 蛋黃
45g 砂糖
6茶匙 細砂糖 (焦化用)

- 將奶油乳酪用保鮮膜包起來﹐放進微波爐﹐以弱溫加熱1分鐘﹐使其軟化。
- 預熱烤箱至275°F/140°C。


將陶瓷烤杯放進有深度的烤盤裡﹐然後注入熱開水達烤杯一半的高度﹐再將乳酪糊倒入烤杯中至九分滿。放進預熱過的烤箱裡烘烤35 - 40分鐘。當搖晃烤杯時布蕾中央會抖動但週邊不動即烤好了。取出待放涼後蓋上保鮮膜﹐然後放冰箱冷卻3個小時或一個晚上。




  1. you should try making mascarpone cheese yourself, it's really easy.

    1. but mascarpone cheese is not freezable right? then wont it take up a lot of time to whip some up when you need it?

    2. It is not freezable before baking ;) Baked creme brulee will store really well! You just need to pull it out from the freezer, let sit for 30 minutes, torch and serve!

  2. I thought about it. I have the recipe somewhere. It is good to know since mascarpone is so pricy :(

  3. Hi Vi! I haven't been here for a while, but it looks like you're doing great. You have a shop now. congratz! The site looks gorgeous! : D

  4. beautiful! i am so making this after the exam~

  5. 我好耐之前做過一次,失敗了...也沒膽量再試;看到你的...又令我提起了勇氣~ 嘻嘻

  6. The last photo(and its subject content of course) is delicious!

    I better roll up my sleeves and get in the kitchen NOW.

  7. Hi Vi,
    luv the pictures as always :p

    i tried this creme brulee au mascarpone coz it's something new to me :) and thank you for sharing the receipe.

    However, i found the creme brulee is too watery than when i make original creme brulee
    wanna ask is it because i use 1%low fat milk instead of whole milk?

    any idea vi??
    thanks by the way :p

  8. May - it is only an online shop. Someday a shop with an address will come to life :)

    shing chit - oh you must! This is my new fave!

    小婦人 - Really?! 究竟邊度出左錯哩﹖﹗

    Miss LK - this was a few days ago, did you make it?

    Anonymous - watery? is true that it wasn't as thick as the classic creme brulee but it didn't affect the texture. Did yours turn out okay after being baked? Using skim milk doesn't alternate the texture though it may not be as creamy.

  9. Hi Vi,
    thank you so much for the reply
    oh.. i see.. yes it turned out just fine like classic creme brulee after baked it ^_^


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