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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Birthday ~ L' Atelier Vi turned One: Gelée à la rose et aux litchis, Gelée aux framboises, et Crème Suprême Cups ~ 嬌豔覆盆子﹑玫瑰﹑荔枝三重奏

Gelée à la rose et aux litchis, Gelée aux framboises, Crème Suprême

There is so much to celebrate about: July babies’ birthday; the rustic cream lace dress is finally being restocked at Anthropologies (hooray!); summer is finally here to stay in the Bay Area; Yumi stopped chewing my shoes (thank god); oh, L’ Atelier Vi turned 1! Time seems to have gone so quickly – Looking back, the 1st “edible” post was posted on July 3rd, 2007, though I wrote my 1st post in May 2007 (my test post actually)! People who know me well would say that I’m spontaneous and lose interest fast with anything that I once obsessed with. Therefore, they weren’t too enthusiastic about me going into blogging about desserts (common, fashion maybe but desserts?!), everyone doubt that I would last long (myself included -.-)! 365 days later and counting, I am still blogging (wholeheartedly too)!! It would not be possible if it was not for the readers of my little blog. I’d like to thank all of you beautiful people for your support, kind notes and encouraging words. I’ve been inspired by all your feedback and I’m sure I’ll continue to be so! Has this being said, I think saying thank you is not enough, it calls for a PARTY! Drum roll please…..I have decided to host a little contest and the winners will win a present. I will give the details at the end of this post. Let’s get back to this gorgeous yet delicious dessert, should we^^


This is the most feminine dessert I made so far! Its presentation just screams chic and romance! It was love at 1st sight when I first saw it in Kumagai Yuko’s book. It reminds me of Pierre Hermé’s famous Ispahan macaron. The components of this dessert read quite Ispahan-ish too. Like the famed Ispahan macaron, it is made of a heavenly mélange of flavors - rose, framboise (raspberry), and lychee. This dessert cup doesn’t just look gorgeous, it tastes delectable too! The bottom layer is of the ultra smooth & creamy crème suprême, follow by a layer of tart raspberry jelly, a few fragrant lychee slices, and finish off with a layer of semi-translucent, delicate, and heavenly scented lychee+rose flavor jelly, decorated with a single velvety crimson rose petal and silver dragées! At first, I thought about decorating each dessert cup by piping a dew-like drop on the rose petals along with a raspberry but decided to go with something different. I served these at the tea party I hosted over the weekend and I thought dragées add a more festive aurora~

I made a rose flavor cheesecake not long ago and the feedbacks from people were that it tasted as though they were eating a bouquet of roses. Therefore, I was afraid that the rose flavor would be too overpowering in this dessert too. Fortunately, it was a perfect balance between the sweet, tropical lychee and the fragrant rose syrup. I know to some of you, the combination may sound odd, but let me assure you that one bite into it was as though one has died and gone to heaven =)

Crème Suprême
160g milk
80g whipping cream
70g granulated sugar
2 egg yolks
20g water
5g sheet gélatine
2 drops vanilla extract

Gelée aux framboises ~ Raspberry Jelly
60g Raspberry puree
30g water
20g granulated sugar
1tsp Framboise Eau de Vie (optional)
3g sheet gelatine

Gelée à la rose et aux litchis ~ Lychee+rose flavor jelly
140g water
80g lychee syrup (from can)
30 granulated sugar
5g sheet gélatine
10g raspberry puree
30g rose syrup
10 lychees, fresh or canned, cut in half
Some rose petals, dragées for decoration

Lychee_syrupinnard of the dessert cuptable setting for afternoon tea

Before you start:
- To make the puree: in a bowl of a food processor, process 400g frozen raspberries and 1/2 pint fresh raspberries until soupy; strain. This gives about 350g pure puree.
- Soak the leaf gelatine in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes to soften it. Squeeze off excess water before use.

I thought you should know:
- Make sure each layer is set before adding another layer on top. The layers will blend together if it is not set completely.
- You can replace the 30g rose syrup with 20g rose eau de vie for a more grown-up version.
- This dessert can be make the day before and must be eaten within 2 days.

To make the Crème Suprême:
Pour the milk, cream, and half of the sugar into a saucepan; place over medium heat and bring the mixture just to simmer. Remove from the heat.

In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks and water with the other half of the sugar until pale and creamy. Pour 1/3 of the egg mixture to the warm milk mixture, stirring constantly, until combined. Add the remaining egg mixture, whisk until completely combined.

Return the custard mixture to the heat and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the custard thickens, and coats the back of the spoon. If a line remains after you have dragged your finger across the spoon, the custard is ready. Remove from heat, add in the pre-soaked gelatine sheets, and stir until completely melted. Add in 2 drops of vanilla extract, stir well. Place saucepan in a cold water bath, continue to whisk until it has cooled to room temperature, then strain the mixture. Pour into serving glasses, and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

To make the Raspberry Jelly:
Combine raspberry puree, sugar and water in a saucepan and heat over medium heat till sugar completely dissolved and register 120°F/60°C on a candy thermometer. Add in the pre-soaked gelatine and mix well. Stir in the framboise eau de vie. Set saucepan in a cold water bath to cool. Spoon the jelly over the chilled crème supreme, and chill for an hour in the refrigerator.

To make the Lychee + Rose Flavor Jelly:
Combine water, lychee syrup, and sugar in a saucepan and heat over medium heat till sugar completely dissolved and register 120°F/60°C on a candy thermometer. Add in the pre-soaked gelatine and mix well. Set saucepan in a cold water bath to cool. Mix the raspberry puree with the rose syrup before adding to the lychee syrup. Place 2 ~ 3 pieces of fresh lychees on top of the chilled raspberry jelly, then spoon in the lychee + rose jelly all the way to the top, and chill for an hour in the refrigerator. Decorate with rose petals and dragées before serving.

About the contest:

How it works: Take one of the dessert recipes I have made to date and whip up a version your own! You can make alterations if the ingredient(s) is hard to find where you located. Send me a picture or a link (where you store the picture) & a few words about it. Either leave me a link in the comment box or send me an email at LaAtelierVi [at] gmail [dot] com. The creation that makes my heart races the fastest will score =)
Entry Date: By July 31st, 2008.
Restrictions: None really =)
Prizes: Things that I love of course!
1. An artsy chocolate book - The Seven Sins of Chocolate
2. An apron by Jessie Steele
3. Bouquet des Îles (Tropical) Le Thoron Room Spray by Lothantique
Award Date: I will post the winning creations on my blog by August 7th.

Gelée à la rose et aux litchis, Gelée aux framboises, et Crème Suprême Cups

七月有好多事情值得慶祝﹗除了你們七月壽星的生日﹐Yumi不再咬我的鞋子外﹐還有很開心的是我的部落格也慶祝一歲生日囉=) 時間過的真快﹗回想一年前告知朋友們我要開格時﹐還給他們取笑。當時他們就質疑我的恆心﹐因為熟知我的人都知道我是大家所謂只有三分鐘熱度的人﹗當我說我要寫我做甜點的一切﹐他們不留情面的說我瘋了- 不會做甜點的人怎麼敢…之類的話。說真的﹐我也很難料到我會走到今天。只能說blogging比我想像的有挑戰性﹐不會那麼容易厭倦。我現在是越寫越有勁兒。。呵呵呵。。。其實讓我繼續寫下去的最大動力是你們﹗要不是你們不時的送上鼓勵﹐幫我加油﹐我想很難走到今天吧? ﹗真的很謝謝可愛的大家﹗我覺得淨說謝謝不夠﹐應該來個Party﹗為了回饋大家的支持﹐阿Vi決定來個有獎甜點競賽﹗怎麼個比法? 詳情在這個post後面再說……現在還是先說說這個七月生日獻禮吧﹗

這是目前我做過最具浪漫感﹐最chic的一道甜點﹗我對它可是一見鐘情﹗Original食譜出自熊谷裕子的美麗甜點書。這道熊谷裕子命名為Rose的甜點﹐咋看讓我聯想到PH大師Ispahan馬卡龍。不是只有外表像﹐材料也像﹐都是覆盆子﹑玫瑰﹑與荔枝組合。這個美麗的甜點是由滑順細膩的crème supreme (卡士達奶油)﹑清爽酸甜的覆盆子果凍﹑與有著芬芳玫瑰香氣及清甜風味的玫瑰荔枝果凍組合交織而成。外表很嬌悄﹐但又不失優雅﹐光滑淡黃的奶油與深深淺淺的艷紅與淺紅果凍交織著﹐有如凝脂般光滑的表面上坐著一片嬌艷欲滴的紅玫瑰花瓣及雅致的銀珠﹐仿彿在向世人綻放著她的美麗﹐好不漂亮﹐讓人讚嘆﹗那口感很豐富 - 濃郁中不失清爽﹐每一口都擴散著玫瑰香氣﹐仿彿讓人置身於香氣逼人的美麗玫瑰園中﹐讓享用的人自然而然的變的優雅起來了呢﹗好一個集美麗與內涵的完美協調終極三重奏﹗

剛開始有點抗拒做這個甜點﹐因為以前做過一個玫瑰口味的cheesecake﹐朋友的評語是味道過重﹐像在吃香水 >_< 可這個甜點不會﹗玫瑰的味道不會太超過只會讓荔枝的味道更突出。我知道有些朋友抗拒吃花做的甜點﹐可我敢擔保說只要嚐一口你會嚐到什麼是屬於天堂的食物﹗ 好啦﹐可能太超過﹐可至少對我來而言是 =)


Crème Suprême
160g 牛奶
80g 鮮奶油
70g 細砂糖
2個 蛋黃
5g 明膠片
2滴 香草精

60g 覆盆子果泥
30g 水
20g 細砂糖
1茶匙 覆盆子利口酒
3g 明膠片

140g 水
80g 荔枝糖水 (罐頭)
30g 細砂糖
5g 明膠片
10g 覆盆子果泥
30g 玫瑰糖水
10個 新鮮或罐頭荔枝﹐切半
適量 有機紅玫瑰花瓣﹑食用銀珠

- 如果沒辦法買到現成的或不符合經濟效益的覆盆子果泥(因為是進口的) ﹐可以自己製作。將400g冷凍覆盆子﹑1/2杯新鮮覆盆子倒進食物調理機中(food processor) ﹐攪打成泥状,篩過,約有350g覆盆子果泥。
- 明膠片用冰水泡軟之後擠掉水分,備用。如果用明膠粉: 將其倒入水裡泡脹後備用。

- 要確實每一層都完全凝固才可再倒入另一層﹐這樣才有承托力﹐層次分明。
- 沒有玫瑰糖水可以用玫瑰利口酒代替: 將份量由30g改成20g即可。
- 因為是奶製品﹐最好在兩天內吃完。

Crème Suprême作法:

將覆盆子果泥﹑細砂糖﹑水倒進saucepan裡﹐用中火煮到砂糖融化又達到120°F/60°C時離火。加入泡軟的明膠片,攪拌至融化混合。加入覆盆子利口酒﹐拌勻後將saucepan放冰水中放涼。用小汤匙將覆盆子糖漿盛入杯中﹐倒在已定形的crème suprême上至杯子剩1/3空間﹐放進冰箱冷藏凝固﹐約一小時。


參加方法: 用你的方式呈現我做過的甜點。若是買不到需要的食材﹐可以稍微修改食譜。請在截止前寄我你做的甜點照片或是照片連結。如果可以﹐請為你的甜點做個簡介。請寄往LaAtelierVi [at] gmail [dot] com或留言給我。越是讓我的心跳的越快的作品就是贏家囉 =)
截止時間: 7月31日08年
限制: 沒有﹗大可自由發揮。
獎品: 當然送我喜歡的東西囉﹗
1. 一本很有藝術感的巧克力甜點書 - The Seven Sins of Chocolate
2. 一條Jessie Steele品牌的圍裙
3. 出自Lothantique品牌的Tropical香氣室內噴霧
公佈時間: 我會將得獎作品在8月7日前post出來﹗


  1. Wow, I love the vibrant magenta color. Did you get a macro lens for the shots this time? I like the close-up shots for the details and texture of food.

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    嘩, 好靚阿♥ !! 如果俾我就唔捨得食啦 ;)
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  11. Hi buttery^^

    These pictures didn't do justice to this gorgeous dessert! The colors were more vibrant! I wish I have a macro lens! These were taken with my good old Canon SD600 camera. However, I just bought a SRL camera though I am trying to get it to work!

  12. Hello zita~

    Lychee is such a lovable fruit, isn’t it?! You should join in the fun! I don’t think my recipes will present any challenge to you though since you are such a talented chef! Your orange nectarine mousse cake and rose macarons made my mouth water!

  13. Hi my sweet & saucy & tigerfish~

    Thank you ladies for your kind words♥

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  17. Hello April^^

    I love cherries too! I still see some good cherries out there but at a price @@” I have been dying to make dessert using lychee and I found a few recipes that I am going to try out one by one! Oh, don’t say that! There is no such thing as “my level”! I am an amateur too! This would be so fun (plus I really want to give out the presents ;p)!

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  19. Happy blog birthday! Beautiful pictures, and the dessert looks fabulous!

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  21. Hi,Vi~

    Congratulations on your beautiful(and yummy) blog! I've been learning a lot from you! You're so talented and surprisingly humble (and hard working)!

    It is the most feminine dessert you've made so far, and you're obviously so good at it! I never had lychee and rose jelly before, but it sounds so nice now...:D C'est parfait!

    I haven't decided which dessert recipe I will try to make. You really make difficult ones and I'm worse than a dessert beginner (泣). ...but I will try..:)

  22. April~
    Thank you! Besides its look, it tastes phenomenon too! Here to many more blog anniversary! Cheers!

    Thanks a million! “Wow” is usually what said whenever I see your fabulous creations!

  23. Bonjour Martini =)

    Ah, you are too kind! It is always a pleasure to hear that anyone find my experiences useful or entertaining. That is what fuels me =D

    You must try this dessert once! I guarantee that your palate is in for a treat~o~ A tip that I learnt (thru many failures) to avoid disastrous dessert/cooking experience is mise en place –preparation of ingredients! Preparing the mis en place ahead of time allows one to cook without having to stop or panic when something is missing. Plus it gives one peace of mind knowing that everything is there!

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see your creation!

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    我好捧你D甜品場0架﹗尤其係你整0既ice cream♥Q♥

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  30. What a coincidence. ^^
    I also made an Ispahan flavor combination dessert earlier this year. Since I didn't have any recipe to follow.. I just invented my own version. I did a rose panna cotta & rasberry jelly with litchi. Hehee...
    I didn't post it though. I was for a project...

    However I think your pics are prettier! and your recipe looks really yummy too~~~

  31. Hi Verano~

    Rose panna cotta & raspberry jelly with litchi sounds very intriguing! Hmmmm, I should give it a try soon =)

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