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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Yumi ~ 我的狗女兒由美ちゃん

Name: Yumi Wei
Age: 6 months (3 ½ yrs old – dog year)
Breed: mixed
Love: socks chewing, belly rub, taking bath, and grass hopping
Favorite food: sugar cane, strawberries, grapes, and yogurt

Yumi is the newest member of my family. We adopted her from a friend of my brother who has a very busy life style. I had pets before but all gotten send away by my mother because she doesn’t like any fury friends. However, Yumi became an exception. I guess it has to do with how she behaved and kissed up to mom. It is funny to hear my mom talks to Yumi, like she is a baby. Well, I admit that not just my mom but everyone in the family. The 1st thing everyone said when we got home is “where is Yumi?”! Everyone is gaga over her so to speak^^ However, her habit of sock chewing is driving us banana. If anyone knows of ways to help kick this habit, would you mind sharing? Thanks in advance~

姓名: 衛由美~Yumi Wei
狗齡: 3歲半
品種: 可愛的混血兒
喜好: 咬襪子﹐按摩肚子﹐洗泡泡浴﹐和喜歡在草地跑跳
最愛吃: 甘蔗﹐草莓﹐葡萄﹐和 yogurt

這位美女叫Yumi﹐是我家的新成員。她本來是住在我弟朋友的家﹐因為沒時間照顧她所以才來我們家的。她和我們很投緣﹐就連媽媽也喜歡她。我媽很討厭毛毛的東西。以前朋友送我的貓咪和狗baby都給媽媽送走﹐Yumi卻是例外﹗可能是Yumi很討喜吧。全家都給灌了迷湯似的回家後都是問Yumi在哪裡﹐然後就抱著她親個不停。長的很cute ﹐一點都不像是壞小孩對不對? 可她有一個壞習慣﹐就是愛咬襪子>~< 現在家裡的襪子都沒完整的﹗快瘋了~ 有人知道法子可以改掉這個習慣嗎?! 我會很感謝你的﹗


  1. Hi Venus,

    Your dog is really cute, makes me want to get one myself too, lol. Anyways, so I finally tried macaron and it came out ok, not as good as yours, of course. I did the vanilla flavor and I grounded the almond myself, too lazy to go out to get the almond flour. I used your recipe, so thanks for that first. Also, I learned a technique from Pierre Herme's book Chocolate Desserts, to easily remove the macarons from the parchment paper, that is "spray some hot water underneath the parchment right after the macarons come out from the oven". I didnt do it to the first pan and I was having trouble removing them, even with a knife. But i did it to the second pan and they out easily without the knife. I hope this info helps. You can see pics in my blog, and I am planning to make strawberry flavor next time (n_n)

  2. u no that dogs CANNOT eat grapes?
    its as deadly as chocolates...
    and you say its her FAVOURITE snack?
    oh my god...
    shame on u...please read more about dogs before you take care of a dog please...

  3. uh oh~ I knew about chocolate and salt but not about grapes!!!!! I only gave her half of a grape at a time and only for a few times!!! It is among her favorites because it is sweet! Like you said, I should have known. Shame on me!!

  4. Hi April~

    Thank you for your info. I will try it next time. Your macarons look great! They are chewy, aren't they^^

  5. 妳可以在一個鐵罐子裡頭放零錢跟keys,壞掉的電池
    當他咬的時候 你就狠用力的搖晃罐子
    他會以為他遭到天譴 哈哈哈
    我自己有兩隻狗 我也是用這樣教的

    and my dad feeds our dogs pretty much everything..
    pizza, 芭樂, macarons, french bread, puff pastry..
    and I think they're fine.... we do try to avoid chocolate and seafood, but I don't know about grape you know, and I'm not sure if my dad's fed them grapes before, and now that I read that grape is bad for doggies? I think I better find out more and ask my dad whether he's been feeding them grapes. He likes to feed them as he eats, so they all get a bit of whatever is on his dish.

  6. 葡萄對狗隻確是有害的食物, 給予貓狗人類食物真的要很小心, 其實市面上的貓狗食物已經足以照顧他們的必須, 當然你要我一世只可以吃一種食物我也可能受不了, 所以選擇人類食物給他們前先了解是否有害, 那我們也會更安心.

    相信大家都是真心愛護動物的, 只是照顧動物跟照顧人一樣, 很多很多的東西去學去知, 多點到一些貓狗forum逛逛會知道多一點呢, 那裡大家都是邊學邊養邊同樂, 互相指點分享.

    人類食物有些對貓狗也有益的, 例如少量的plain yogurt對腸胃有益, 小麥草=幫助貓咪吐毛的貓草等.

  7. Does Yumi have a sister that needs adopting? ;) She's SO adorable! You should send photos of her to

    As for the grape toxicity, unfortunately it is true. Best to steer clear.

  8. Hey Milli~

    I did quite some reading right after I found out about the grape toxicity and found that there are many more food that we should not feed our fury friend. You might want to tell your dad to be careful when giving your dogs treats!

    As for the coin trick, it is working wonder! Thank you!!!

    Hi April~
    Adorable? Look is so deceiving! She is such a little trouble maker!

  9. Hi Phoebe~


  10. 不用謝,大家來交流一下心得而已。




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