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Sunday, December 23, 2007

**Happy Holidays!** ~ Wrap it up! ~ 聖誕獻禮*

Could be the fact that I am a fashion major and surrounded by beautiful things and people all the time, I have a thing with visual presentation. I strongly believe that all things should be presented elaborately and have a wow factor to them. Therefore, as Christmas gets closer and closer, I couldn’t be any happier because I can finally put the ribbons, trims and those gorgeous wrapping papers I have been collecting year long to use. I believe beautiful wrapping always heightens the sense of anticipation when receiving a present. Any gifts, whether it cost a dollar or cost a leg or an arm, when gorgeously wrapped, can be so much more than the sum of its parts. Even the tiniest token of appreciation is made more meaningful when it is perfectly presented. Everyone should treat gift-wrapping as a piece of art - which everyone can master as long as you put some thought to it. Just note that by wrapping presents artfully and imaginatively, you add to the pleasure your friends and family will experience when receiving them.

Gift-wrapping doesn't need to cost you a lot of money. You can remake and reuse the shopping bags from stores by altering them by gluing ribbons, drawing, or use as a wrapping paper. You can use seashells that you picked up from the walk at the beach, branches and leave from the park, gift papers that you saved from presents that you received, scrapes of fabric left from that cushion cover/dress/shirt that you made, and strands of yarn left over from the scarf that you knitted. Look around, materials are widely available everywhere ^u^

Though I would love to give lavish gifts to everyone, I can’t afford it (yet). The moment I saw these cups and mugs at my favorite clothing retailer – Anthropologies, I had to have it. Since I always like to share the things that I love, my friends are getting them too! We can be cup/mug buddies ;p The store gives out these gift boxes with the yarn pompom adornment so my work is already half done! All I have to do was to stuff the cups/mugs with homemade cookies and handmade cards and add some finishing touches and Voila!

The cookies showed here are the tasty icebox cookies that I mastered over the summer. This time I made the cookies in the pistachio and cranberry flavors (red and green for the holiday!). I only put enough cookies for one person this time around so people won’t complain and accuse me of attempting to fatten them! Hehehe…these cookies are so yummy that no one can stop from just having a few so I better not get any phone call!

This Christmas, give in style! Be inventive, plays with texture and colors, release that artsy side of you ^0^ One last and the most important note: Wish you all a merriest, most wonderful, and jolly holiday!

我想我真的給我念的這門時裝設計給潛移默化了我對視覺(應該是外表﹗)的定義及對它的重視度。天呀,我真的是以貌取人/物 (每天給美麗的東西和人給包圍著,不給洗腦都難@_@”)﹗ 我緊信包裝是很重要的,一定要精緻又會給人驚喜﹐才會幫忙加分。每年我都粉期待Christmas 的到來,因為我終於可以將一年中蒐集的美美禮物紙、緞帶等等物以至用。對我而言禮物包裝是一件展現個人品味,製造幸福感的精巧手工,一切都為了送出禮物的那一剎那,對方臉上掩蓋不住、令人著迷的燦爛笑靨。我相信美麗的包裝會給這個收到禮物的人一種期待就對了n_n 還有就是任何禮物,不管是價值一元還是一千,只要花點巧思包裝一下,就能讓人感受到你的誠心與心意,遠遠超過禮物本身的價值。在重要的節日,送禮是少不了的儀式,所以大家一定要將這門禮物包裝學起來給你的禮物增加美感喔 ~


我在超愛的Anthropologies商店裡看到這些字母杯子時,我就給它買下了。因為我喜歡和朋友分享我喜愛的東西,so我也買了送朋友。我還在每個杯子裡放了一些cranberry(蔓越莓)和開心果口味的雪藏餅乾。這一次只放了一人份量,因為某些人投訴我想養肥他們…嘿嘿…這些餅乾酥脆美味讓人停不了口…某些人最好不要打電話來要求補貨﹗將杯子餅乾放進商店給的禮盒裡,再用毛線球﹑不同質感種類的緞帶做點綴就好了^0^ 精心製作的handmade禮物,可以讓對方知道你的心意,就算形體消失了,但那份心意及卻能永久留存喔(好讓朋友們永遠記得我的好(心機重)…呵呵…)~


  1. I like the style you wrap things up.
    Hope you're getting over the cold soon.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Hi Martini~

    Merry Christmas! It is that time of the year again ^0^ I just love the holiday (minus the traffic >.<)

    Thank you! I have been drinking lots of water and keeping myself warm so hopefully I can get rid of the cold soon!


  3. Venus,

    妳整D餅,好似好好味咁(流口水中..) !

    傷風感冒要多D休息囉 ! 祝早日康復及聖誕快樂..呵呵!!;)


  4. Dear vi,
    Those gift wrappings are so beautiful! Cookies too... I couldn't help but wanting to take a bite:P Hope you get over the cold soon and enjoy the holidays!

  5. Dear Venus,

    Hope you get well soon, I'm having a cold too >__<" take care!

    Wishing you a merry christmas and happy new year!

  6. Joyeux Noel Venus!
    you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I'm just wondering, hehe...

  7. ooooooooooohhh~~~~~~ too gorgeous!

    You must take care of yourself. Don't just wrap cookies, bundle yourself up too! :)

    Merry Xmas~

  8. Hi R ~

    Thanks! My cold prevention with ginger failed!! I should have gotten that flu shot!

    I hope you had a great Christmas & I wish you a happy New Year!

  9. Hi Blue ~

    Thank you! Gift wrapping is fun and the smile on people faces is just priceless!

    I am getting better but I got the blue coz I don’t know how the pictures from the parties will turn out since my nose was as red as Rudolph :’(

  10. Hi Mayu ~

    Did you have a good time in Taiwan?! I hope you are getting better too! I can’t believe my holiday kick started with the cold! I have been cursing that someone who passed me the germ when I was bed rested! Drinking loads of water worked for me so drink up!

    p.s. I got a book from a friend for X-mas that has been on my wish list forever, it was simply the best! It is in both English and Japanese! I can’t wait to share with you ^0^

  11. Hi Millime ~

    That’s okay. 又不是不能说的秘密^0^ 我就讀在SF的AAU藝術大學, Fashion and Merchandising double major! The fashion department is really well known due to the fact that we are the only school that got invited to NY Fashion Week 2 years straight (and going for 3rd)! Yes. I am a proud alumnus ^u^

  12. Hi Verano~

    I wish my heartless friends would said that to me ;p After giving them their presents, I was “ordered” to bring dessert to the Christmas countdown party or I will not be admitted into the door! They were too busy devouring that chocolate soufflé cheesecake so I bet none of them notice that I was dressed like an Eskimo and that shiny red nose of mine :’(

  13. yeah,我問的原因是因為
    我去年有跟I think it was either held by Stanford or Berkeley

    and we went to Tahoe , I think it was ppl from Stanford, Berkeley , SF state , AAU and SJ state.
    And I thought that you looked like someone from AAU..

  14. 好令既包裝用具 好令既食物 樣樣都咁令 叫人點唔被吸引黎呢度呢 你起邊間材料店買食品材料嫁 :) online訂嗎

  15. i love the ribbons and laces in your photos, the way u wrap it so nice and lovely, i want to receive one of them tooooooo! They are all adorable presents!

  16. Hi millime ~

    Really?! Someone looks like me?! I should keep my eyes open for my twin n_n

    Though I was not at that Tahoe trip, I went to U6 party before~

    2007 is almost over! Wishing you a wonderful and bright 2008 ahead!

  17. Hi 我愛你~


    我平時的強項是shopping﹐見到鐘意的就買so我都記不清楚0係邊處買ge @_@"

    However, 我都好鐘意online shopping ^0^ 因為可以買到平時難搵的材料﹗


  18. siukwan~

    Thank you for your kind notes! I just like to treat the wrapping of a gift as the gift itself too ^0^

    I think it is New Year Eve in HK now. Are you going to any countdown celebration? I wish you a Happy New Year!

  19. The wrappings are splendid *0*
    n I like the photos too!
    Could you tell me which camera are you using?
    I'm looking for a camera`
    thx a lot!

  20. hug~~~~~~ Happy New Year!!

    hahahaha.. can't blame your friends!
    I...i...i.... probably would do the same if I were to end up at the receiving ends of your desserts. :P

    Take care though, so you can begin the new year with full strength.

  21. Hi Janice ~

    Thank you for your comment :o)

    I am currently using Canon PowerShot SD600. It is a great little camera. If you want more professional photos, you might want to look at Nikon D80 (I want to buy this too)!

  22. Hi Vi, it was nice stumbling upon your site. I baked these icebox cookies today, made a variation of cranberry and pistachio orange cookies. They were yummy...just like you say, I can't stop at one. lol.. =)

  23. Greeting Jacelyn~

    I am glad you agree with me that these cookies are irresistible =)
    They were on my family and friends’ wish lists for this holiday season too so I have been baking up a storm!

  24. 曾几何时我也这样着迷于礼物包装。。甚至希望开间专门包装礼物的小店 哈哈哈
    你让我想起了这个梦想。。连我自己都差点忘了的小小梦想 :) 谢谢你


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