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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Icebox Cookies (Pistachios & Coffee Flavors)~雪藏餅乾 ~ Pistachios & Coffee 口味

The name icebox came from the fact that these cookies need to be set by the refrigerator before baking. It is also known as butter cookies. Wait till you see the amount of butter that is use in this recipe then you’ll know why it is called what it is. These cookies are great to keep on hand for when friends drop by or for when you’re in the mood for just a few cookies. They can be kept in the freezer, wrapped well in parchment paper, for up to 3 weeks. I think this is perfect for people who lead a busy life style because the last thing you want to do is to measure and bake on the actual day of your party. I just love to prepare ahead of time so I am free up to do last minute touches when I throw a party.

I made these cookies for friends who came over for tea and tarot reading the other day. Although a few claimed that they are on a diet, I caught them eating the cookies one after another. These cookies are easy to prepare but earned me great compliments. I got the basic recipe from this book but decided to make different variations. I made them with pistachios and coffee but you can pretty much add whatever other ingredients that you like!

Left: coffee Right: pistachios

I like to whip up a storm for people I love but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. This is my second time making cookies in my twenty-something life and this recipe is my first try. Needless to say, I have never tasted a butter cookie. Now, I think I am hook to these cookies and so are my family and friends. I can’t seem to keep up with the demand. With their buttery, flaky, light and not too sweet taste; no doubt they are so popular. Also, the taste of homemade cookies is superb and unlike the store bought kind, it is preservatives-free!

I strongly advise those who is attempting to lose a few pounds to stay away (can you?!). Once you eat one then there will be second, third, fourth… don’t even have a bite if you don’t have a strong will power :P

Icebox Cookies (Pistachios & Coffee Flavors)
About 15 dozens cookies

2 sticks (113.5g X 2) or 1 cup unsalted butter (room temperature)
¾ cup granulated sugar
1 large egg (room temperature)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 ½ cup & 2 tablespoons sifted all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
Plus some granulated sugar for rolling

Pistachios flavor:
½ cup finely chopped pistachios (you can use other nuts if you don’t like pistachios). Sift out fine dust and discard.

Coffee Flavor:
3 tablespoons instant coffee

Basic cookie recipe:
In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (the white ceramic one that shaped like a leaf), beat the butter and sugar on medium speed (6 or 8) until light and fluffy, Scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed, about 3 minutes. It should look pale yellow. Add the egg and vanilla, and beat to combine. Add the flour and salt and beat on low speed (4) until combined.

Divide the dough into 2 parts. Leave 1 part in the bowl and take 1 part out; set aside for now. Add the pistachios to the bowl and beat on low speed to combine.

Turn out the dough onto a clean working surface. Divide in half and roll each piece into a log about 1 ½ inches in diameter. Wrap the logs in parchment paper; twist the ends to cover completely. Refrigerate until firm. I prefer to leave it overnight though.

Return the other half of the dough to the mixer. Add the instant coffee and repeat the same steps as the pistachios variation.

Take the dough out and let stand for 15 minutes or until soft to slice. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350 degree F, with racks in the upper and lower thirds. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment or non-stick baking paper. Roll the logs in granulated sugar, coating them evenly; slice into ¼-inch-thick rounds. Place about 1 inch apart on prepared sheets. Bake, rotating halfway through. About 15 to 20 minutes. The edges should be golden brown. Immediately transfer cookies to wire rack to cool completely. Enjoy!

These cookies make great gifts and favors too!

雪藏餅乾 ~ Pistachios & Coffee 口味

雪藏餅乾(牛油餅乾的一種)是輕輕鬆鬆快樂製作的甜點。如果烤的漂亮用來送禮也很開心﹗這是把麵團放進冰箱冷藏,凝固之後切開再烘烤的餅乾。有基本butter 及Pistachios & Coffee 口味共三種。這是一種冷凍備用餅乾,可應不時之需﹗但是有瘦身打算的朋友要忍口噢 (如果可以的話) ﹗

不含盬的牛油(室溫放軟) 1杯或2 sticks(113.5g X 2)
幼糖 3/4杯
雞蛋 1隻
雲呢拿香油 1 茶匙
麵粉 2 1/2杯plus 2 湯匙
盬 1 茶匙
沙糖 適量

開心果仁碎或用其他果仁 (篩過) 1/2 杯
即溶咖啡 3 湯匙

牛油于室溫放軟後與糖以攪拌機或電動打蛋器用中速打至蓬鬆,加入蛋、香油再攪拌勻。麵粉和盬一口氣加入, 攪勻成粉團,略攪拌至順滑。


將果仁粉團搓成直徑一吋半圓柱形,包上牛油紙,放進冰箱冷凍一小時或至凝固 。將另外一半粉團放回攪拌機內,加入即溶咖啡,攪拌成咖啡粉團,取出,搓成直徑一吋半圓柱形,包上牛油紙,放進冰箱冷凍至凝固 。

預熱焗爐至350 。F/180。C 。將粉團從冰箱中取出,略解凍約15 至 20 分鐘。拿掉牛油紙,在粉團表面撒上沙糖,切成1/4 inch的厚片。有間距地排放在鋪了牛油紙的烤盤上。放入焗爐15-20分鐘,當曲奇周邊變金黃色就烤好了。烤好後記住要在鋼架放涼,否則不夠脆。Bon Appetite!



  1. venus, you're dead to me. how DARE you take Martha Stewart's recipes and make them your own! no one outdoes Martha ... NOBODY!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!! hahaaaa ... ;)

  2. Caroline, I know you worship Martha but are you sure no one can ever outdoes her although it may not be me! No offense, I love Martha too but have you thought about where Martha's recipe came from then?! I didn't just take it; I gave her credit (innocent)! Its okay I know you said these things because you are jealous of me ;P Its time to brush up on your skill now, CL!

  3. Martha is queen. How dare you suggest that she stole her recipes. I will hunt you down and scratch you.

    I am not jealous. NEVER!


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