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Monday, September 3, 2007

Tiramisù (2 ways) ~ 提拉米蘇

Tiramisù has been on my to-make list for the longest time and I finally made it for a friend’s birthday. Not surprisingly, I used a recipe from one of my Japanese books :D However, the tiramisù that is featured here is not the one that I gave my friend. This version is made using a much easier recipe from another Japanese dessert book of mine.

The making of my friend's tiramisù was quite dramatic! The process went quite smooth until I realized right after the last step in the process that I forgot the most important ingredient: the espresso liqueur! I don't think I can call it tiramisù if the key component is missing. I thought it is ruined and I have to let my friend down second year straight. While I was mourning my failure, my mom came to the rescue. She suggested that I add a layer of coffee cream to make up for the espresso liqueur. I took her advice and whipped up the cream and finished the cake or I thought I did. I forgot to add sugar to the cream -__-! I figure crying over spilled milk won't help so I tried to convince myself that I just created a fusion tiramisù. When it was served at the birthday dinner, the bitter coffee cream raised a couple eyebrows but it was a hit :P

With the lesson learnt from my 1st try, 2nd time was a breeze. I made this for my mom since she complained that I never make her any desserts. Tiramisù was known to me in the cake form until I read it in a dessert book stating that the traditional tiramisù is made in cups or plates (I used a 15oz goblet and three 5oz cups). Tiramisù means "pick-me-up" (metaphorically, "make me happy,"), referring to the two caffeine-containing ingredients, espresso and cocoa (2 of my favorite food). Other than these two key ingredients, it is typically made with ladyfinger cookies and rum but I used génoise (sponge cake) and coffee liqueur instead! It tastes just as heavenly. I think this is the most well-known Italian dessert from the fact that one can find it on the menu of nearly all types of restaurant. I have only tasted the traditional coffee flavor but it has been made in other flavors like lemon and chocolate. I also found a recipe for a jasmine flavor tiramisù! I'll post it here when I tried out the recipe. I can’t wait!

Serves one 15oz goblet and three 5oz cups

Cheese Filling
250g mascarpone cheese (room temperature)
50g granulated sugar
1tbs lemon juice
1tbs Amaretto
130ml whipping cream

Coffee Syrup
20g granulated sugar
40ml water
11/2tbs instant coffee
2tsp coffee liqueur
2slices génoise (sliced and cut to fit the server)
some génoise strips (sliced and cut to fit the server)
Cocoa powder for sprinkle

Make mascarpone cheese filling. Bring the mascarpone cheese to room temperature in a mixing bowl. In the following order, whisk to combine; sugar - lemon juice – Amaretto. Make sure not to whisk too hard or the mixture turns grainy. Set aside.

Whisk the whipping cream until soft peaks form in a different bowl in a bath of ice water. Fold it into the cheese mixture and stir well until combined and becomes smooth. Set aside.

Make coffee syrup. In a small bowl, mix the instant coffee and coffee liqueur until instant coffee completely melted. In another small bowl, mix the sugar and water until sugar completely melted. Combine the two to make coffee syrup.

Assemble the dessert. Place a slice of the génoise at the bottom of the server, then brush it with the coffee syrup. Pour in a layer of the cheese filling. Repeat this génoise and cheese filling step one more time. Smooth out the surface. Refrigerate overnight. Before serving, sift a layer of cocoa powder on the surface and further decorate.

I made tiramisù cup with the remaining genoise and cheese filling. Pour the cheese filling into a pipping bag fitted with an open star tip. Soak the génoise strip briefly in the coffee syrup and place them in the cups. Pipe a layer of the cheese filling on top of the genoise in each cup. Refrigerate. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and decorate before serving.


我所認識的tiramisù是以蛋糕狀形式在販賣的。但原來傳統正宗意大利風味tiramisù是盛在容器裡的!我的第一個tiramisù做給朋友過生日,過程挺戲劇化的。味道超棒的可惜食譜很複雜。好累噢﹗而post在這兒的兩個版本tiramisù是第二個製成品。做法比較簡單(兩個食譜都來自日本菓子教課本) 。做給媽咪的,因為她吃朋友的醋。她抗議我將甜點都分朋友而沒她的份儿。我覺得少了吉利丁片(魚膠片)的傳統風味的tiramisù,口感更香醇軟滑順口,味道更濃。下次不妨試試這個食譜吧!

一隻15oz的高脚玻璃杯 & 3隻5oz的小杯子

Mascarpone Cheese餡料
250 克 Mascarpone Cheese
50克 細砂糖
1湯匙 檸檬汁
1湯匙 Amaretto酒 (意大利杏仁酒)
130毫升 鮮奶油(淡忌廉)

20克 細砂糖
40毫升 水
1 ½ 湯匙 即溶咖啡粉
2茶匙 咖啡酒

適量 無糖可可粉
2片 海綿蛋糕
海綿蛋糕條 長兩寸寬一寸(自己切)

製作cheese餡料。Mascarpone cheese 室溫放軟後,用打蛋器慢慢攪拌。再依序加入細砂糖、檸檬汁和Amaretto酒。每加入一樣都必須確實拌均勻。記住不要攪拌太久,要不然餡料會呈現粒狀。




將剩餘的餡料拿來製作tiramisù杯。cheese餡料冷凍後(約一小時) ,備用。將海綿蛋糕條一條一條沾上咖啡酒糖液後,舖平在杯底。將cheese餡料倒入裝有星形擠嘴的擠花袋裡,在蛋糕條上擠上cheese餡料,再撒上可可粉即可。


  1. uhh ... "is not the one I gave my friend" is an UNDERSTATEMENT. if you make tiramasu again, please make this one!!!

    ps- i'm stealing your donna hay magazines.

  2. 好味。一定會試﹗

  3. Hi venus,

    HA~~I love Tiramisu and tried to make it several times, one for my friend's birthday with gelatine inside, taste good she said, the others are without gelatine, I think it's more smooth to taste, anyway, two ways are both good! :)

  4. Hi mayu ^0^

    Welcome back! I prefer the traditional, no gelatine added type though...sooo creamy....

    Since I picked up this dessert hobby, I have been requested by friends to make them something on their birthday. It became a measure of how deep the friendship is coz I don't make it for just anybody hahaha :P


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