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Monday, August 27, 2007

Mousse aux framboises avec petits coeurs - 初戀

Knowing my love for fruits, it is not a surprise to anyone that I like desserts made with fruits. My favorite is all kinds of mousse desserts made from fruit. Mousse has such a smooth and light texture and a fragrant taste. How could anyone not take a liking to it?! It is also one of the most difficult to make desserts (well, at least to me). I failed many times before. The most common mistake is the gelatine. Either it is not completely melted or not enough so the dessert is either soupy or not smooth enough. The key is to soak the gelatine completely (leaf or powdered forms) before using it. Talking about gelatine; leaf gelatine is not ready available in the stores in the States. Although you can always use the powdered form, it omits a slight fishy smell when heated and may affect how your dessert tastes. If you are very passionate about making desserts, click here for hard to find ingredients. This online store located in NYC carries a vast selection of imported ingredients (nappage, edible gold powder, pure fruit purees and more) from France. I am glad I found them because I don’t have to make people bring me back stuff when they are on vacation anymore.

This recipe is from one of my newly purchased Japanese dessert books. I admit I was attracted to the picture first then decided to make this raspberry mousse for brunch. I am always big on presentation when serving desserts or baked goods to people. I believe food should be a feast to the eyes as well as to the taste buds! You may replace with other berries, mango or passion fruit if you don’t like raspberry. I was told this is kind of sour and need to add more sugar for next time. Personally, I think it tastes just perfect with a slight tart flavour. I recommend that you taste the puree while it is still warm and adjust to your taste. Also, I made my own puree using a food processor instead of the store bought kind (I would have to fly it in from NYC but I didn’t have the patience to wait.). I purchased a package (used half of the bag only) of frozen raspberry from Trader Joe and add half pint of real raspberries to make the puree. It is a less expensive alternative.

Serves 4 (4oz glasses)

Raspberry Mousse
90g raspberry puree
30g granulated sugar
2g leaf gelatine
90ml whipping cream
1 tsp Kirsch (Cherry Brandy and is available @ BevMo.)

Raspberry Jelly
40g raspberry puree
10ml water
15g granulated sugar
1g leaf gelatine
1 tsp Kirsch

Before you start:
To make the puree: in a bowl of a food processor, process 120g frozen raspberries and 1/2 pint fresh raspberries until soupy. Strain. This gives about 150g pure puree.

Soak the leaf gelatine in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes to soften it. Squeeze off excess water before use.

Make raspberry mousse. Mix half or 45g of raspberry puree with sugar in a sauce pan and heat till sugar completely dissolved over medium heat. Remove from heat. Add in the pre-soaked gelatine. Stir until completely melted then add in the remaining 45g raspberry puree. Set the sauce pan in a bath of ice water to cool.

Whisk the cream until soft peaks form then add in the raspberry puree and the Kirsch. Mix well until combined. Spoon into serving containers or glasses till ¾ full. Refrigerate until set.

Make raspberry jelly. Combine raspberry puree, sugar and water and heat over medium heat till sugar completely dissolved. Add in the pre-soaked gelatine and mix well. Stir in the Kirsch and set aside to cool. Spoon it over the raspberry mousse. To create the little hearts you see here; use a small spoon and drop 1 drop of cream on the jelly and immediately draw a toothpick through (this must be done before jelly is set). Refrigerate until set. Another alternative way to present the desserts is to decorate with fresh raspberry before serving.


慕斯在法式甜品中,不僅需要有美麗高雅的裝飾手法,更要有冰涼綿密濃醇的口感。絕對是好看又好吃中的俵俵者。對我來說一杯latte au lait ,再搭配一份慕斯絕對是一個最為浪漫優閑的午茶選擇。這道覆盆子慕斯杯簡單又容易製作。味道有幸福的感覺:D 酸酸甜甜的滋味讓我聯想到初戀。超sweet!這是適合送給男友的甜點噢﹗

覆盆子果泥 90克
細砂糖 30克
吉利丁片 (魚膠片) 2克
鮮奶油(淡忌廉) 90毫升
櫻桃酒 1小匙

覆盆子果泥 40克
水 10毫升
細砂糖 15克
吉利丁片 (魚膠片) 1克
櫻桃酒 1小匙

製作覆盆子慕斯。將45克*覆盆子果泥、細砂糖放入sauce pan內煮到溶化後熄火。加入泡軟的吉利丁片至溶化後拌入剩下的45克覆盆子果泥。將sauce pan放冰水中放涼。將鮮奶油隔著冰水打發至出現尖角的起泡程度後,加入放涼的覆盆子果泥,最後加入櫻桃酒拌勻,即為覆盆子慕斯餡料。盛入容器中至3/4 滿,然後放入冰箱冷凍15 - 20分鐘。

製作覆盆子果凍。將覆盆子果泥、細砂糖、水放入sauce pan內煮到溶化後熄火。加入泡軟的吉利丁片至溶化,攪拌混合。加入櫻桃酒拌勻,放涼。然後盛入慕斯杯中。立刻用小汤匙舀出鮮奶油,滴一小滴在果凍上後,迅速用牙籤從中間劃過即成心形。再放入冰箱冷凍10分鐘。


*覆盆子果泥 - 如果沒辦法買到現成的或嫌貴(因為是進口的) ,可以自己製作。將水果倒進食物調理機中(food processor) , 攪打成泥状,篩過後就是果泥。可以用同樣的方法做成芒果果泥、黑苺果泥等等。


  1. hi,
    I just saw your desserts pics from Leisure-cat, your desserts look so grand!
    This rapsberry mousse & jelly look delicious. I seldomly see fresh rapsberry in stock in the supermarket, maybe forzen have, but expensive

  2. Hi Mayu!

    Rapsberries are expensive but they taste so good...yum ^0^ I think food should be present in ways that make people drool:D 這樣才可另人食指大動﹗



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