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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A quick hello (^u^)

Hello there! Just want to drop by and let you know that I got something delicous in store. Hint hint - itchy bitsy bites =) Will be sharing it here soon, stay tune ~

Meanwhile, check out my terrarium! So cute no?! So easy to make and a great gift to give to your favorite co-worker, friend, neighbor, hair stylist or to whom you adore

I got the glass vessel here~
easy terrarium~


  1. I love your creations and your blog ^.^

  2. It makes a stunning centrepiece!

  3. so i saw this yesterday by chance and decided that this was going to be jared's mini anniversary gift (which is tomorrow). i just came back with all the materials, though i went with mini air plants to make it slightly manlier =P thanks for the last minute idea and saving our anniversary! hehe.

  4. @Inkcafe - thanks for your comment =)

    @Via Los Angeles - <3

    @kitchen butterfly - yes, it does! For bigger impact, place them in clusters!

    @Alice - Oh, how wonderful! Lol....I hope he like his gift!


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