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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rose Blancmange ~ 玫瑰風味法式牛奶凍

edible heart

I’ve just come back from a week’s trip to Brazil, which was filled with meeting family, best-grilled beef and shopping. I’ll write all about it next time but for now I wanted to share a lovely dessert that I have taken a liking to recently. Well, you know that I am a huge fan of panna cotta, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I like blancmange, which is a dessert that has that same creamy texture that I heart. Like panna cotta, it is easy to make and the flavors are endless. Since this dessert is part of a valentine gram that I am giving out, I choose to stick with the official colors of the holiday – red or pink. Flavor? Rose of course =)

I adopted the recipe from Annie Bell’s book - gorgeous desserts. Did I tell you it was easy to make? Bring everything except the heavy cream to a boil, strained, and cooled then whisk together with stiff form whipped cream and chill. It was decorated with meringue kisses and crystallized rose petals but I opted for the later only, plus a little of this and that. Very simple, no surprises but so good!

Hope you enjoy this dessert as much as I did! On a side note, Lunar New Year is the same day as Valentine’s Day this year so my kitchen is madness right now – so much cooking to do! I know I have some catch up to do with your comments but I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Thank you for being patient! Lastly, wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day and a prosperous Lunar New Year~

Rose Blancmange

14g leaf gelatine
1¼ cups whole milk
1½ tbsps rosewater
½ cup caster sugar
1 small lemon
1¼ cups heavy cream
Pink food coloring

Crystallized rose petals
Edible rose petals
Silver dragées

Soak the gelatine, let soften in cold water for 5 minutes, and then squeeze off the water.

In the meantime, zest the lemon. Bring the zest, milk, rosewater and sugar to a simmer over medium heat. Remove from the heat and add the gelatine, stir until it dissolves. Strain into a clean bowl, discard solids, and let cool to room temperature.

Beat the heavy cream over medium speed until stiff peaks form then gradually beat in the cooled milk mixture until combined. Using a toothpick, add food coloring little at a time to the cream mixture until you get the desire shade.

Lightly brush the molds (I use cake molds but ramekins will do the work too) with vegetable oil. Pour in the cream mixture, pick up the molds and lightly tap on the counter to release air bubbles. Let them set for at least 3 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.

Dip the molds, one at a time, in a bowl of hot water for 10 seconds, run a knife around the edge, invert it onto a plate and ease the blancmange out. Just before serving, garnish with edible rose petals, crystallized rose petals and silver dragées.

Crystallized Rose Petals

1 medium egg white
Petals of 6 organic spray roses
½ cup caster sugar
Small brush

Wash all the petals then pat dry using paper towels – work with a light hand. Holding a petal with a tweezers, gently brush both sides of the petal with egg whites, and sprinkle each side with caster sugar. Shake off the excess sugar, and place the petal face-up on a parchment lined cookie sheet – repeat. Leave in a cool place to dry overnight. DO NOT place into the refrigerator!

Store the crystallized petals in an airtight container in a cool dry place. They can be stored up to a year.

just pink

阿Vi現在是元氣滿滿﹐因為剛剛才從巴西度假回來。這趟旅行徹底的讓我對這個南美國家改觀也從新認識一些很久不見的親人﹐吃到很棒的烤牛肉﹐當然還有瘋狂血拼囉。詳細的下回再說﹐現在我想跟你分享一個最近很哈的甜點。你也知道我超愛吃義式奶酪﹐所以對有著同樣細緻軟滑乳狀質地的法式牛奶凍同樣的著迷不已。做法也如義式奶酪簡易﹐口味同樣的很多元。由於這個甜品是要在情人節送人的﹐理所當然要從這個節日的官方顏色就紅色或粉紅色中選一﹐而我就選了較柔美的玫瑰粉紅了。至于口味嘛?當然是玫瑰 =)

甜點的食譜摘自Annie Bell的gorgeous desserts一書。很簡單的一道甜點﹐沒有法式甜點一貫的考究﹐沒有太複雜的鋪陳﹐但味道的精緻度還是那麼精彩。入口即化﹐每一口都散發著淡雅玫瑰香氣﹐仿彿讓人置身於玫瑰園中﹐不禁讓享用的人自然而然的變優雅了。


p.s. 每個留言我都有看喔! 我會儘快回覆的﹐謝謝 :-*


14g 明膠片
1¼杯 全脂奶
1½湯匙 烹調用玫瑰水
½杯 細砂糖
1顆 小檸檬
1¼杯 鮮奶油





將奶凍脫模: 用小刀順著邊劃一下﹐隔著熱水回暖或用熱毛巾將週圍熱敷十秒,然後將模倒轉放於盤子上﹐稍微搖幾下﹐拍一拍模底﹐往上拉脫模。食用前用霜化玫瑰花瓣﹑食用銀珠﹑有機玫瑰花瓣點綴即可。


1個 蛋白
6朵 迷你有機玫瑰
½杯 細砂糖

將玫瑰花瓣摘下﹐洗乾淨後用紙巾抹乾。稍微打發蛋白。用鑷子夾起一片花瓣﹐用刷子在正反兩面刷上薄薄的蛋白﹐再將細砂糖灑在花瓣上﹐輕輕搖一下去掉多餘砂糖﹐然後放在鋪了烘烤紙的烤盤上 - 重複。


將霜化玫瑰花瓣排放在烘烤紙間﹐放密閉容器中﹐再放陰涼乾燥處存放- 賞味期1年。

pink valentine


  1. Happy Valentine Day! The pictures are magnifiques!

  2. really thought this was a soap....

    happy chinese new year too! =)

  3. Oh, this is so pretty. I'll be sure to try this next time. Where did you get those little pretty heart mould from? thanks for sharing :). Happy Valentine and Chinese New Year too!

  4. What a beautiful little treat! I will definitely try making this. Happy Be-lated V-Day. Cannot wait to hear about Brazil :)

  5. Such a beautiful cake with a soft touch! just amazingly lovely! I like it! :)

  6. Hi Vi, Happy New Year of Tiger and Valentine's Day!

    呢個甜品好romantic呀,謝謝食譜分享,我都要整返過奶凍送俾hubby先 ^^

  7. Ah this is so pretty! it's on my must try recipe list now, thanks for sharing~
    i tried ur recipe of strawberry macaron:
    it was a real tricky one, the 1st batch(the pink ones)all cracked in front of my eyes, the choco ones r a bit better, but still not the way they should look like :(
    so i hv a few questions for u:

    can i use corn flour instead of the strawberry powder?

    the centre of the macarons all stuck to the baking sheets, does that mean they were overcooked?

    the centres were chewy when fresh out of the oven, but dried up soon overnight, shall i put them in air tight container?

    the white choc ganashe smelled so good but was really really sweet, did u hv the same problem?

    & i'd like to send them to my bf in Hong Kong, it's gonna take 3-5 days, do u think it'll work?

    sorry for asking all those stupid questions, i love this dessert but i was so frustrated with the results...

  8. This seems very delicious and enticing. I'll get second thoughts on eating this one because it looks so lovely. I'll try the recipe once I get my vacation at work and this would add to my lists for the vacation. I'm very excited especially that I just bought my le creuset cooking.

  9. 只是裝飾都叫人開心,很美....

  10. Cooking Meow – I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    Helene – Merci~

    suzie - ;)

    Bertha – I bought the molds from Crate & Barrel.

    Corine - yummy and easy to make too~

    Big Boys Oven – needed to be delicate since it is a “heart” ;p

    貓姐 - 你同hubby好鬼sweet呀!

    shing chit – macarons are a bit tricky. 1) If the tops crack, it means the oven temperature is too high. Oven temperature varies due to different models so we may see different results. You can try covering them with a piece of foil paper 4 minutes into the baking time. 2) Do not add corn flour; just omit it and tint with gel paste (for the color). 3) If the center of the macarons stuck to the baking sheet, that means they are undercook – bake for additional 2 minutes and keep a very close eye on them! 4) Yes! Once cooled, store them in an airtight container. 5) Yes, the ganache is sweet to my taste too but some thought they were perfect; taste is really a personal preference! 6) Usually, merchants overnight them to customers or the latest within 3 days to preserve the freshness. Also, keep in mind that they are extremely fragile so some breakage may occur during shipment!

    No need to apologize and no questions are stupid because that’s how we learn – by asking questions! Don’t be frustrated; you have picked one of the top 5 difficult pastries to start with. I encountered numerous failures before I see a little bit of sweet reward. Keep trying! Add oil!

    Vanessa – Oh, you’ll love your Le Creuset! Happy cooking and baking~

    yy -人靠衣裝﹐甜點就靠裝飾啦~

  11. thanks Vi, i'll try again~


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