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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Farmers Market Snaps ~來﹐我帶你去逛農夫市場 =)

The Ferry Building Tower Landmark

I have only been shopping regularly at the farmers markets in the past year or so but am already thinking that this will be the way to buy my groceries for the years to come! It is like a candy shop for me - an intoxicating display of seasonal produce, dazzling colors of fresh flowers and fruits, and savory scents. Everything is so tempting; the stalls selling roasted nuts, kettle corns, honey, jams, and plum & juicy fruits. What not to love?! Plus shopping in the open air kinds of remind me of my childhood where I spent the mornings at the marketplace with my mother & grandmother back in Asia.

I managed to bring my camera along with me this weekend to the market and I snapped some pictures to share with you. Among all the farmers markets in the Bay Area, my favorite farmers market is held in San Francisco in front of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero and on the rear plaza overlooking the Bay. What is so special about this market is that it also features a marketplace indoor, making this one of the city's premiere stops for foodies who love its boutique style shops, artisan food shops, restaurants and the fresh organic produces available from the farmers market thru out the week.

Ferry Building Marketplace - boutique style shops & cafes

fresh flower bouquets from the charming Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma

Imported goods & mushrooms

The Gardener - one of my favorite shops to get imported textile like French linen, Japanese cotton, European style shopping baskets and etc.

Inside Sur la table - cake pans, mousse rings and everything a cook needs =)

barrels of fruits & handmade soaps

The indoor marketplace features open-fronted specialty food shops such as the Far West Fungi, Recchuiti Confections, Cowgirl Creamery's Artisan Cheese Shop, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, Stonehouse California Olive Oil and more. It also features a handful of cafes and restaurants. One can grab a quick bite or a sweet treat from Miette Patisserie (must try their buttermilk panna cotta when you visit), Ciao Bella Gelato, Out the Door, DELICA rf1 (my favorite place to get fusion Japanese tapas) and etc. You can also enjoy a full meal at the Market Bar Restaurant, whose menu features ingredients from the market, Taylor's Refresher's gourmet hamburgers and milkshakes, and Hog Island Oyster Company, where they serves shellfish straight from their Tomales Bay farms.

cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery & packages of colorful bowtie pasta

Caviar Bar & Cafe - is one of the dozen cafes inside the marketplace

Then there are the farmers markets, which are held year-round, several days a week outside the building, and the largest is on Saturday mornings. This is where local cooks and food-lovers flock to get fresh seasonal produce and gourmet prepared food & baked goods. So when you are in the city, don’t forget to pay a visit. I assure you that you will find something, whether to eat or to keep =)

fresh veggies from local farmers

Kashiwase Farm - offers the best stoned fruits in the market!

colorful & juicy heirloom tomatos & apples

fresh eggs from local ranch and smoked salmon

California strawberries

more berries

gorgeous day - shoppers enjoying the view of the Bay (and the Bay Bridge)

Btw, I bought some yellow flesh peach by the name of “Zee Lady” from my favorite fruit stall and made myself some peach tartlettes, which I may share with you later once I wrapped up the two weddings that I am helping in mid & late August~

Shop data:
Ferry Building Marketplace & Farmers Market
One Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA


  1. Thanks so much for the insiders look! I have been trying to go to San Fran for so long now just for that...can't wait till I can see it in person!

  2. Hi my sweet & saucy~

    This is a must-visit when anyone comes to the city! I hope you'll able to come soon. It is full of gems!

  3. 這地方真係好正,令人好開心呀!!!

  4. 這個農夫市場看得令人心也癢起來~每樣貨品都好靚好新鮮啊~親身逛逛的話,一定忍不住什麼也買點回家去!呵呵呵~

  5. Hello Vi~

    I love the Farmers Market in Embarcadero! I wish I lived close!

    We have a farmers market on Saturday morning in Southern CA (Irvine) as well, but the veggies/fruit are just not as good!


  6. Hi yycake,

    Hello 小婦人,
    Yup﹐我真係差D將整個market買起﹗每次都買滿3個大(好stylish)baskets -_-"

  7. Hi Martini~

    I know you love SF and the Bay! Any progress with that brainwash procedure with your hubby? Has he changes his mind of moving up here?!

    Are you close to LA?! I heard there are some notable farmers markets too!


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