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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Busy like a bee~~~~~ buzz ~ 我像蜜蜂般忙碌著﹗

Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse Cake made for a friend's engagement!

What a week! Other than that I was helping a friend with fashion styling for a photo shoot for her upcoming online boutique, I was the hostess for a friend’s birthday dinner party and for a fundraising dinner to benefit the victims of the China Earthquake, and I also managed to squeeze in the time to make the 2 cakes for a friend’s engagement party! I am so exhausted!

I got a headache just from trying to figure out the type of cakes that I should make and how to decorate them! I made two cakes because the number of guests doubled and one is just not enough. So what did I come up with? Drum roll please…..Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse Cake and Fraisier! This is my very 1st time making both and I am glad they turned out okay (thank goodness!) =)

So let’s start with the 1st cake should we? The main cake is Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse cake; made up of a layer of almond sponge (joconde) with a spread of rose jam/preserve, a 5-inch mascarpone mousse core, strawberry mousse, wrapped with ladyfingers/savoiardi, tied together with a red ribbon and topped with lots of summer fruits! The supporting cake is a fraisier! It is made up of a layer of almond sponge with a spread of rose jam/preserve, a layer of crème patisserie, fresh strawberries (marinated in vanilla syrup), another layer of syrup moisten almond sponge, crème chantilly and decorated with strawberries and gold leaf!

Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse Cake side view

The weather was like 80 degree and the location of the engagement party was an hour drive away (on freeway) so I was worried that the cakes will melt on the way there. Nevertheless, they made it there in good condition and I so relieved! The cakes were well received and I was overwhelmed by the number of people who asked where my patisserie was located =)

The day was so tight that I didn’t really get to spend much time taking pictures of the cakes :( This is the best that I can do! I hope you guys enjoy them as much as the people at the party~

p.s. Dear June babies, your birthday sweet post is near completion. Please enjoy these cakes while I work on the story =)


過去的一個星期忙瘋了>。< 朋友要在網上開店了﹐所以幫她的店的宣傳照做了一組fashion styling。還有為朋友的生日爬地和一個為四川地震募款的餐會做搞手。我嫌自己不夠忙還答應朋友做蛋糕做為她的訂婚禮物﹗為什麼要兩個蛋糕呢? 因為她低估了應邀的賓客人數@@" 既然答應了也只好硬著頭皮上了﹗

由于兩個作品都是第一次嘗試做﹐所以很怕會做的不好不過最後還是過關了。花了我一整天的時間但雖然很累但是朋友很喜歡=) 當朋友們知道我還是第一次做這兩種蛋糕的時候﹐大家都傻眼說我很有guts。如果失敗怎麼辦?﹗我都沒想過這個可能性耶@@”幸好成功了(汗。。。)

第一個是Strawberry Mascarpone Mousse ~ 草莓馬斯卡朋慕斯 - 由塗了玫瑰果醬的杏仁蛋糕底﹐輕滑mascarpone慕斯夾心﹐清爽草莓慕斯﹐& ladyfinger蛋糕圍邊組合而成。輕又綿的口感。滑潤濃厚的馬斯卡朋慕斯﹐和草莓慕斯的酸味真是絕妙的搭配調和。

fraisier side

第二個就是Fraisier ~ 法式經典草莓蛋糕 - 由塗了玫瑰果醬的杏仁蛋糕底﹐一層crème patisserie﹐稍微浸泡過香草糖漿的草莓﹐杏仁蛋糕片﹐最後塗上一層crème chantilly﹗很優雅的甜點。充滿草莓芳香的蛋糕~

蛋糕是在搶的情況下全部給吃光了。還有不停的有人找我拿卡片及問我的店在那裡 ^O^ 超開心感動的~~~~~~~可惜當天時間太趕了以至沒能好好的給它們拍照留念。我拍到的只有這些~

p.s 我沒有忘記六月的生日sweets^^過兩天就post上來。等我哦~

Strawberries from my garden! I used them to decorate the cakes^^ 我是用這些自家種的草莓來裝飾蛋糕的~


  1. Your cakes look so delicious! It must be nice to use fresh strawberries for your cakes.

  2. 打令Vi`♥

  3. The cakes look absolutely gorgeous! I love the beautiful melange of berries and flowers. Your friends are lucky indeed!

  4. Hi Mags~
    Thank you~ Yes, the garden comes in handy when I need last minute garnish =)

    Thank you for dropping by and am looking forward to seeing you again^^

    Hi April~
    Merci^^ I just used whatever I have on hand and I was happy with the outcome~

    my sweet & saucy friend =)~
    Thank you. I hope one day I can make cakes just like yours!

  5. 寧baby啊~~~

    哈哈哈哈哈哈...thats is okay下次搶個#1 ;p

    草莓超easy種植的呢! 只需充足的陽光和水加愛心就會有甜美的草莓!You can do it!


  6. Oh my my my... it is a beautiful cake. I especially like the brush stroke on top of the mousse, like a painting. Don't forget to take a break sometimes. Your friends are so lucky!

  7. Hi Blue^^

    Thank you. I think cake decoration is an art in its form just like painting! So deliberating! I treated myself to a spa treatment after so I'm recharged. Somehow, I always ended up taking on many things at once. I confess I’m a workaholic!

  8. 呀 Venus 小妹妹,

    妳上次話大埠嘅 Mc 乜野 House 的甜品好好食哇 ? 唏唏...過客唔記得左添 (無乜記性 ;P), 因我星期一又要翻美國做 d 野, 順路上大埠探朋友 (屈佢地請我去食野, 唔想再去"金銀島"囉)...

    唔該晒 ♥ ^3^


  9. 阿R~

    星期一呀?0甘你錯過SF既08年6/1 - 6/15 Dine about Town 美食節啦!

    來SF你一定唔可以錯過既餐廳有好多好多﹗Sunset既Cliff House(海境)﹐Embarcadero即近魚人碼頭既Palomino(happy hour)﹑Boulevard(名為SF#1)等。食甜品就有近魚人碼頭既Kara's Cupcakes﹑Ferry Building內既Miette Pâtisseries同位於Townsend street既Pâtisserie Philippe﹗你D朋友可以輕易0甘google到以上shops既address呢~

    Welcome to my town! 玩得開心d啦^^ Bon Voyage~

  10. Recipe please, sugar girl! Maybe I can make this on my bridal shower....hmm...hehehee..."mouth water dropping"

  11. yujai~~~~~

    Recipe?! Not a problem but...later though >o<

    I'm going to make mini one and variations too in the next week or so. I love this cake! It has officially made it to Vi's signature collection!!

  12. Your Fraisier seem so délicius hmmm

  13. Hi sonya~

    Thank you!
    It was well received by everyone^^

  14. OH MY GOD! How could I have missed this cake?!!! @@"

    It's absolutely stunning! (drooling............................ )


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