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Thursday, January 10, 2008

It is ME time ~o~

Photo by Rob Millenaar

American Express √
Laptop √
iPod √
Trapp candle √
List of shops that I must visit √
Empty LeSportSac weekender √
Uggs √
Mufflers √
Hand Warmers √

I am off to the Big Apple ~___~


  1. nice~~~~ lucky girl!!

    Have a great time~~~ ^^

  2. have fun in NY girl!

  3. don't fall this time!!!! also, don't come back unless you bring me back Martha Stewart's autograph or a lock of Conan O'Brien's hair. thanks.

  4. Dear Vi,
    I don't know you carry trapp candle when travel:P It's going to be COLD on Monday. Enjoy the stay ~

  5. Hi all~

    I just flew in from NYC! It was cold but was bearable. I expected snow but it was pouring rain (thunder, lightning, & strong wind) instead >x< Apparently, I under estimated my buying power! I have pictures to show but wait till I am situate;-p

    Caroline – I was down at Rockefeller Center but I was too busy shopping around and avoiding the gazillion tourists on the street that I totally forgot my mission! I got you chocolates (watery eyes)!

    Blue – This is my 1st trip traveling alone so I brought Trapp candles because it is the scent of my home =) It snowed after I boarded the flight home. What a bummer!

  6. Please share your unique finds from NYC with us. A weekend trip alone sounds really tempting especially for a mom with a two and half year old boy....sigh.


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