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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Iced Ginger Caramel Mousse with a Crushed Biscuit Coat ~ 薑香焦糖慕斯

I found this recipe in the November Issue (N34) of the Elle à la Table (Japanese) magazine. They did a holiday dessert special using nothing but my favorite ingredient of the moment: ginger! I thought this tied in with the holiday theme and plus I love caramel so much (if I can just have a venti macchiato right now….then hit the track later @@")! To me ginger equals healing food. Why? Besides being appreciated for its distinct flavor and ability to diffuse other strong odors, ginger has long been used as an herb in Chinese Medicine. Ginger has the properties to promote sweating, is anti-toxin, beneficial to digestion, treats motion sickness, promote blood circulation, and an antidote for seafood poisoning. Chinese women from the Canton Province (where my family originated) customarily eat a dish of ginger cooked in sweet vinegar, egg, and pig hock shortly after giving birth because it is thought to get rid of air in the body. Also, it is used to treat coughs and the common cold, which I can use right now ~_~. People are spreading germs at work, at school, on the street, it is everywhere and I can’t afford to be sick so I have been making tea and soup with a generous amount of ginger and I asked the cook (my mom) at my house to just add ginger to almost anything she cooks. Yup, that is right, defense is ON!

When I took a bite of this mousse, my first reaction was like “creamy”! It has a very prominent caramel flavor with a hint of ginger. I thought it was a bit too sweet for my taste but again this is made with caramel @_@’’ I must say it is quite exotic! I think if the mousse is being eaten alone then it may be too creamy for some people’s liking; however, the biscuit coat balanced it out well. The crunchy, spicy, crushed ginger snip biscuit (cookie) coat was a really good texture contrast to the airy, creamy mousse. It makes the ginger in the mousse pops! I suspect that not everyone will like this, but if you have an adventuress nature, this is definitely worth trying ^o^

-Bring eggs back to room temperature by leaving them in a bowl of warm water.
-Pre-soak gelatine, squeeze out excess water; set aside. If using powdered gelatine, add 2 spoon of water.

I thought you should know:
-The amount of gelatine used can make or break the mousse so measure it accurately.
-Lightly oil the loaf pan or rectangular mold with almond oil or other veggie oil so it is easier to de-mold.
-Mousse is better to be left in the fridge overnight. I found that it holds the form better.
-You can either de-mold the mousse cake by covering it w/ a hot towel or soaking the mold in hot water for 10 ~ 20 seconds.

Cake Slicing 101:
You can get your cake sliced just like the one they sell in the café by following these simple steps: first soak a knife in a cup of hot water, wipe off with a towel, then cut the cake while knife is still warm. Try to cut it through with only one cut and do not “saw”. Whip off any cake crumb/residue and slice again. Just repeat these steps and you will have neat and pretty slices of cake that rival what they sell in the patisseries.

Makes one 9 x 4.5 x 3in loaf pan
300ml whipping cream
225g granulated sugar
150ml water
1 ½ tsp ginger powder
10g leaf gelatine
2 (L size) egg white
Pinch of salt
125g ginger snip biscuit/cookie crumbs

In a small saucepan, melt the sugar over low heat; be careful not to over stir but continuingly swirl the mixture to prevent from burning. Once the sugar syrup completely dissolved and turned dark amber color, remove from heat (at this point, do not stir the syrup.) Slowly add the water to the syrup, you will notice that the syrup become crystallized, continue to boil until completely melted. Add the ginger powder and stir until completely blended then remove from heat. Add the pre-soaked gelatine and stir till completely dissolved. Leave to cool.

Next, in a mixing bowl, beat the egg white and salt until it becomes stiff and shiny; set aside. In another bowl, whip the cream until soft peaks form. Add the whipped cream to the meringue and fold to blend the two. Then add the caramel syrup to the cream mixture and fold until incorporated.

Pour the mousse mixture into the loaf mold and lightly tap it to get the air and bubble out. Then place in the fridge to set overnight. Take the mousse cake out from fridge and remove from mold. After de-molding it, sprinkle a generous amount of crumbs to cover the cake then place back into the fridge to set. Remove cake from fridge 10 minutes before serving. Slice it then serve with more crushed crumbs.

我在十一月份日文版的Elle à la Table看到以我最近愛用的食材:﹐為主題的甜點特集。這個薑香焦糖慕斯就是其中的一個。賣相真的很吸引人﹐而且還有我愛的caramel﹐ 所以立刻就給它bookmark了。我一直被那個做中醫的外公灌輸那個薑是一個具有療效的食物。大多數的人對薑的認知一向只限於它是烹調上的大配角。其實薑憑一股辣勁﹐除可煮食外﹐還有其他特殊用途及神奇的功用。薑不僅擁有促進血液循環、健胃、止痛、發汗、止嘔吐、和解熱的作用。它的食療作用很廣泛。像在廣東省一帶﹐產婦坐月期間要吃用大量薑、甜醋、雞蛋和豬腳煮成的薑醋,據說對產婦有除風、去瘀等功效。而且還可以助消化﹐鎮咳消痰﹐增強免疫力、治外感風寒、解魚蟹毒病症等等。話說現在是感冒菌橫行的季節﹐我可是常用薑來泡茶和喝薑湯來做預防的。還要媽咪不管做什麼菜都要求給它加那個薑﹐就是要把寒氣逼走﹐因為我可是不能病的…那些該死的projects @_@


9 x 4.5 x 3in loaf模具
300ml 忌廉/ 鮮奶油
255g 砂糖
150ml 清水
1 ½ 茶匙薑粉
10g 明膠片(或是等份量的明膠粉)
2 (L尺寸) 蛋白(室溫)
125g 薑味餅乾碎

--明膠片用冰水泡軟之後擠掉水分﹐備用。如果用明膠粉: 將其倒入水裡泡脹後備用。







  1. More gorgeous desserts?! I think you're solely responsible if I've gained weight after discovering your blog. -_-"

    I must say it again. Your photo composition is always so beautiful!
    I think it has to do with you being in the fashion industry. I guess talented ppl are different.

    I really do wish I can take pictures like you do.

  2. Hello Venus,

    我是你忠實的潛水讀者, 浮上來跟你說你每次的作品都好精美。
    甜品、點心美, 照片美, 餐具也美, 總的一句話就是美!


  3. Verano,

    I have faith that you will burn those weights off ^o^

    You are too modest! Your photos are great too! So great that I need to put on a bib before paying a visit to your blog!

  4. 小靜~~~~



  5. Hi,我是第一次來這裡的喇!妳拍的照片很漂亮哦!我也喜愛烹飪,不過...賣相沒有妳弄的那麼吸引!


  6. Beautiful ginger caramel mousse! I can imagine the taste of those two added up together. So exotic ~ Love the silverware & color ... remind me of winter and white christmas.

  7. siukwan ~~~~
    謝謝 ^0^ 妳拍的照片也很漂亮!

    Harushika ~~~~
    Does it? I guess it must have been the color combo! Lately, I have been obsessed with buying pewter silverwares especially the one by Vineyard Gardens. So beautifully made!

  8. 冬天吃多些薑很有益呢. 我不吃薑但很喜歡薑汁~~ 薑汁豆腐花, 薑汁番薯湯水, 正呀!

    year end將至在赶工嗎? 其實你做什麼工作的?

  9. Yujai~~~

    Since 你就快返鄉下, 好快就可以食到薑汁豆腐花, 薑汁番薯湯水等等 ^o^

    The projects that I am referring to are my school design projects and the construction of these clothing >.< I will post them when they are ready coz other than this is the platform for my homemade desserts, this is also for handmade stuff ^0^

    I work in Operations for a fashion retailer but soon to be in Design Development because I’m meant to be on the go instead of lock inside a cubicle, yay!

  10. 嘩嘩嘩...個買相好好味呀!!!!

    Venus 小妮子,



  11. R ~

    Thanks. 開店…努力實現中 =)

    金銀島?! Hehe…你班兄弟唔夠意思喔^o^ 起碼要帶你去Sunset嘅Cliff House啦!


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