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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jardin de Vi ~ 我家後花園

I haven’t been grooming my garden for some months now due to my somewhat hectic schedule. Finally got a few hours but …gosh, there seem to be a lot of work awaits me! I putted on my wellies and got dirty. However, after breaking my back from pulling weed, I called it a day! I need Elaine!! I swear I am not made for labor ^0^

My garden is a place where I spent most of my lazy afternoon in the summer time. I paint, I nap, I tea, and I throw parties here. I once thought of running a homemade café out here too *0* I just love this area of the house! When I buy my own home, there better be a garden or else there will be no deal! Anyways, since I can’t work on the garden, I guess I better go whip up something for brunch ;p

今天一早起來想說我也該去整理一下花園了。誰知那草還真長呀﹗拔了一個morning的草﹐腰都挺不起來, 我想改天吧…呵呵….好累噢。我真的不適宜做苦工 =_=’’

我家後花園是我除了學校外呆最多的地方了。夏天的時候﹐不同主題的parties都在這裡上演噢。以後﹐當我自己要買房子的時候﹐garden是必須的。Oh, 既然做不成苦工﹐我該去弄點吃的了…呵呵…


  1. oh wow~~
    cute garden! just the type I love
    too bad.. I don't have a green thumb like you do.. :'(

  2. I am not as good as you think but I am learning from my neighbor so hopefully I can grow more veggies in springtime! I'm caught in the organic/grow your own craze (I found that I am more into garderning and cooking as I get older...does this mean...oh no...)


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