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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gelée au Café et Crème au Café

Very Refreshing.....

It was HOT today so I decided to make something refreshing to help keep me cool. I wasn’t in the mood for time consuming dessert so I want to make something that requires a little to no baking. So when I see a recipe for coffee jelly, I was quite happy.

I’ve always loved the smell of grind coffee (although I don’t like to drink it.) but this was my first time to make something with it – needless to say, I was very excited. All the components for this dessert were simple to make (and you can make them in advance) so you can make it the day before friends come over for dinner. It only requires a few ingredients, which means most likely you don’t need to make another trip to the supermarket!

I was quite happy with this coffee experience and I hope you will too.

Coffee Jelly
500cc brew coffee
75g granulated sugar
15g sheet/leaf gelatine or 20g powder gelatine

Coffee Crème
14g granulated sugar
10g instant coffee powder
250g whipping cream

30cc water
30cc granulated sugar
10cc Kahlua

Serves 4 (12 oz)

How To:

Make coffee jelly. Brew coffee. Add sugar and pre-softened gelatine to coffee. Stir until gelatine completely melted. Let cool.

Pour coffee mixture into a rectangular container (I used a jelly roll pan.). Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile make coffee cream. Add equal amount of water to instant coffee, add in whipping cream and sugar. Whisk until combined and soft peaks form. Transfer to piping bag. Refrigerate.

Make Kahlua syrup. Bring water and sugar to a boil over medium heat in a sauce pan. Wait for it to cool a bit then add Kahlua. Put the pan into a tub of ice water to cool.

Take coffee jelly out from fridge. Scrape jelly out from mold using a plastic scraper. Cut jelly into 1cm cube.

Spoon coffee jelly into serving containers until 2/3 full. Add in 2tbs syrup. Pipe coffee cream, sprinkle instant coffee powder and decorate with coffee bean before serving.


  1. I'm sorry Venus, but that just looks WAAAAY too time consuming for me to do. Is this the recipe you said that I should try? I like desserts that require no work at all ... basically, people who can make it for me are my hero.

    Also ... visit my blog! Loser! I'll admit it's not as flashy as yours. But if you LOVE hearing me talk, then it's your own personal heaven. HA!

  2. gorillaqueen8/10/2007 5:11 PM

    hello Venus,

    I followed your recipe for this summer delight. I made this last saturday at a kid's birthday party, but especially for "adults". It was a nice surprise for everyone.

    really enjoy your blog, so many beautiful things ~~

  3. Hi gorillaqueen -
    Welcome to my Cafe! It’s nice to hear that you enjoy reading my posts (blushing ^///^). I am thrill that your guests have enjoyed this dessert. Wasn't this an easy but surprisingly yummy treat?

    Come back soon.

    Caroline -
    I don't like to air my underwear in public so I am not interested being a heroine. Please don’t expect me to make this for you. However, I am willing to show you……with a small price of course :D 


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